Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Everything is ok!

So even with all my nerves and worry, everything was ok at today's ultrasound. I was measuring right on with an average of 9 weeks 0 days, which I will be tomorrow. Also, the heart rate was at 164. Everything seems to be fine!

Just waiting on a call from the RE to tell me what to do next. I think I will be able to wean off the steroids, possibly quit the suppositories, and maybe have an end date on the PIO shots! All would be good news!

Ultrasound pics will be scanned and posted tomorrow with my weekly update.


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  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is EXACTLY what I was hoping to hear from you!! XOXOXO

  2. Wonderful news! and 9 weeks already, how exciting :)

  3. So happy to hear this great news!!!


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