Monday, November 4, 2013

5 weels old

My little peanut was 5 weeks old on 10/25/13. Not much changed that week.

We began battling a significant diaper rash that has continued to today. I believe it to be contact diaper dermatitis. I was advised by the pediatrician that sometimes diaper wipes just aren't enough, for preemies especially.  So we set up diaper changing shop on the small part of the counter next to the bathroom sink and we use wet washcloths (no soap). Has anyone had to do this? I want to move it back to his room where I have more surface area especially for when he squirms, it would be nice to have the changing pad under him. It really makes sense that water and a washcloth or washable wipe does just fine, obviously this was the way to do it before commercial wipes were available.

Ethan is now around 7 lbs at 5 weeks old. He has outgrown all the preemie stuff that I had and is wearing exclusively newborn clothes and newborn disposable diapers. Still hoping to switch to cloth very soon.

Anyway, we are all doing ok around here. I will have a few posts with pictures up here over the next few days.

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  1. Lordy he is cute. :) I can't believe it's already been 5 weeks!

    We never used straight water, but for awhile we used cloth wipes (not sure why I got out of that habit) and I just used a solution of 1c water, 1 Tbsp baby oil, 1 Tbsp baby wash. Makes sense that straight water would work too!

    Fresh air was the best cure we found for rash - just hard when they're newborns and peeing/pooping all the time!


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