Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween due date

October 31st was E's due date, but instead of birthing a baby on Halloween (or near Halloween) I was happily at home passing out candy to the kids in the neighborhood, and those that get trucked/bussed in from across town to our neighborhood, with a healthy nearly 6 week old baby wearing his pumpkin costume that I crocheted sleeping in his swing.

Happy (we're now past your) due date little man!

Babies sure do come when they want to on their own timeline.

Homemade/crochted costume
Another little pumpkin outfit, and yes there is spitup on the sheet, it is unavoidable
40 weeks not pregnant


  1. I can't believe you crocheted that yourself!! SO gorgeous! Love all the pics for sure. :)

  2. What a cute pumpkin! What a fun Halloween. What you have is better than any chocolate out there :)


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