Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Weekly Wednesday Weigh-in: 6 weeks postpartum


My last weigh-in was June 2012. That was before IVF, before 3 more rounds of IUI and pre-pregnancy. However, that is not to say that I haven't stepped on the scale nearly every day since! I am not weight obsessed, but achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is a major goal of mine.

I was always a healthy weight until college when my weight started to creep up. My highest weight (outside of pregnancy) was about 150 lbs and was just before I started doing the WWW's in December 2011 (man...I didn't realize that was nearly 2 years ago!!), approximately 25 lbs over my ideal weight. My lowest weight during my previous WWW's was 132. But during several rounds of ART, all the hormones took over and my weight crept back up. I was around 138 just before IVF and our 10 day trip to Las Vegas to do IVF. When I returned home from Vegas after 10 days of eating out for every meal, I weighed in between 140 and 142. That was just before I got my BFP. My highest pregnancy weight was recorded in triage at 170 lbs just before Ethan was born. That means that I gained about 30 lbs with pregnancy.

At 6 weeks postpartum, I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 140. I have done almost nothing to try to shift the weight during these 6 weeks postpartum. I have been eating reasonably healthy, but not great. I have been walking the dogs a few times a week but not for the purpose of exercise for me. I have gone on a few longer walks/hikes with a friend with E in the stroller. I also rode my bike once (before I realized that my vagina was not ready for it!). I was never really great about going to the gym when I had a membership, so I let my membership lapse and didn't renew it after finding out I was pregnant back in February. I do not intend to renew a gym membership, so I will have to be more proactive about finding things I like to do at home/outside for exercise. I should also mention that in addition to all the health benefits for Ethan, as well as keeping endometriosis at bay, I am breastfeeding for the rather selfish reason of weight loss.

1. Reiterate my goal and where I stand in reference to this goal. (BMI info from this website)

Starting weight: 140 (6 weeks postpartum)        
Last Week's Weight: NA
Current Weight: 140 (-0 lbs total, 15 lbs to goal!!!)   
Goal Weight : 125       

Starting BMI: 24.8
Last Week's BMI: NA
Current BMI: 24.8 (In the normal range of 18.5-24.9)
Goal BMI: 22.1 for goal weight

2. Discuss what I am going to do to achieve my goals.

Progress on last week's activities:
Activities for this coming week:
1. Determine how much water I am consuming each day on average
2. Find a way to do yoga at home, either buy a video or look online/youtube
3. Create a walking schedule where I can push E in the stroller
4. Hike in the mountains before it gets too cold
5. Look into/start a couch to 5 k program.

3. Post anything else I feel like sharing.
Finally, I know it seems absolutely bat-shit crazy to even be thinking about this right now, but at some point in the not to distant future, we would like to start try to give Ethan a little brother or sister. Starting at a healthy weight if we are given a (please, oh please let this happen) surprise natural pregnancy or even if we decide to use our remaining embryo for a FET, could help me avoid gestational diabetes a second time around (or not, who knows, but it couldn't hurt).
I updated my bump pictures in the link at the top of the site, but have included one here too for comparison. The first is at my lowest weight during the last WWW at about 132, the middle is at 32 weeks pregnant at around 168, the last is from today at 140 lbs. Similar weight...much different shape now all around: stomach, arms, legs and butt!


  1. I was like you and dropped the pregnancy weight by 6w pp, but man... the shape & toning is for sure different. Good for you for getting right back at it! An EBF baby eats about 30oz/day which is about 300 cal (rule of thumb is 10cal/ounce). I had troubles with my supply whenever I cut cals, so I really had to focus on just not OVEReating and on toning. I think a C25k program is a great idea! I love the C210k app on my iPhone - very motivating. You can do this!

    Oh - and I drank about 100oz/day of water while breastfeeding - kept me from munching when I was actually thirsty and kept my supply up. BFing is draining stuff!

  2. Nice work! I was the same way, lost all the weight in the first 6ish weeks. I will warn you, just as I was warned (and TOTALLY did not believe it) if you go on birth control mini pill or the regular pill after breastfeeding, be careful! The weight comes on SO easily if you aren't mindful!


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