Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'll do Anything!!!

I'm ready for a new month and a fresh start.

A few days ago I posted about my drive back from work, and in response Josey dared me to respond to the border patrol agent in an amusing/possibly criminal way. And I swear I freakin' tried.

I pull up and instead of the standard "Are you a US citizen?" I simply get "go on through ma'am, and have a good evening. Instead of leaving well enough alone...

I respond, "Ah, c'mon, you didn't even ask me the right question". 

He says, "Why...should I?"

I say, "No sir...but...hypothetically what would you do if I had said 'si'"

He looks me up and down and says "I've been doin' this for years I know a foreigner when I see one"

Little does he know I have a Canadian sitting next to me (here legally on a student visa I might add).

So, to bring this back to the point of my blog (infertility...duh...not just that I live in the middle of nowhere), I am looking for some new infertility related dares ideas. I have seen a whole lot of BFP's posted lately and am looking to see if any of those ladies (or any of you in general that read this) to dare me again share your ideas...fertility related of course, as I'd like to be knocked up, not arrested.

Any Kama Sutra positions you would have like to experiment with to see if it helps?

Any strange concoctions you might have considered eating or drunking to add to the mix?

What about particular colors worn on a certain day? (I'm not really sure about that one)

Anything that thickens your lining, raises your progesterone, stimulates ovulation, increases cervical mucus, improves sex drive....The world is your oyster...

(Speaking of oysters, ritual animal sacrifice is out!)

Maybe there's something well known that I simply haven't heard of. Maybe there's something you've heard of, but not known anyone who's tried it. As I'm not currently under any particular regime I'm not committed to anything. Throw me your best suggestions.

Side note: I'm on day 4, so anything you're supposed to try from CD1 may be out. 

Second side note: Check out my "Thing's I've tried" page to see if it has already been checked off my list or if you have some combo that you think might help.


  1. Okay. Normally this is totally not my style. At this point...I'm willing to try anything. It's not as amusing as a crazy concoction you gotta drink but something totally out of my comfort zone. I read about it on Take Home Baby's blog (hope it's okay with her that I posted here)

    Read her latest post. It caught me :)

  2. I have nothing for you here- I tried everything and nothing worked until IVF. I did acupuncture before IVF though and I think that helped. Lot's of people say to eat all organic and no processed foods- could be worth a shot!

  3. Hahaha. I love that you TRIED to follow through with the dare! I'll be back with ideas for this post. :)

  4. We think the same way...I've tried everything too! The more I try, the more I can feel in control I guess, so I'm always on the lookout. Here are some suggestions...
    - Circle + Bloom
    - Robitussin at O time to help with CM
    - baby asperin to help thicken uterine lining (AF until O)
    - no dairy, especially before O
    - Have you read the book "Spirit Babies"? The post that Tracy mentioned above really reminded me of it...very interesting read.

    If I think of anything else, I'll let you know!

  5. Its Mary again...
    HAHAHAHA i've been telling you for months now that I think you and H are doing "it" wrong! I think this weekend we will need to have a talk...

  6. 1) A pillow under your butt to tilt the baby juice to slide towards your cervix. (TMI -Awesome sex position whether you're TTC or not. HAHA)

    2) I've totally done the legs on the wall immediately following. Didn't work for us, but it gave my husband a good laugh. Just don't fall asleep like that. It's... odd, to wake up upside down. :)

    3)Drinking wheatgrass (i bought the powder) 2x/day. great for you, and your body needs the dark leafy greens for something involving fertility. I just forget what. :) My acupuncturist said it though, so I went with it!


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