Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Not pregnant

Definitely not pregnant, but I'm not surprised. AF came to stay this morning.

Hope stayed alive because I didn't test last night. However, just after I posted last night, I started spotting, then my temperature dropped this morning. Then all day I bled like a leak in the Hoover dam.

I'm not a believer in TMI, I'm an open book and want to share my opinion, so here's forewarning that the following may be TMI for some.

I've never bled bright red before. I mean stop sign red, like if I cut myself with a knife, holy shit I might be dying kind of red. I tried to google it to see if there was any meaning behind this with mixed reviews. Any opinions from you guys? Is this a good sign for the next cycle?

I'm really hoping that my hypothyroidism is the cause and this new dose will be the trick.


  1. Bright red blood is a good sign! If you are going to bleed, it might as well be a sign that things are looking up!

  2. Yes I would agree-according to my acupuncturist what she calls 'fresh red blood'is good-she tells me it means it's a nice healthy lining. Mine always varies though so it can be a little alarming when you suddenly get an AF that's a rush of fire-engine red!
    Loved your last post too by the way, I have a new internal phrase now haha! xo

  3. Sorry AF showed up, but I too think the change in color is a great sign. I actually experienced the same change myself, for three cycles now. I think it means there is much better blood flow. Apparently old blood is dark and thick and not ideal for baby to nestle up in. Hopefully the thyroid meds are starting to make a difference. Have you noticed any other symptoms? I felt my appetite I get REALLY hungry when it's time to eat. I also lost about 10ish pounds without even exercising (although that seems to have plateaued finally, bummer!)

  4. Aww.. sorry to here you also got a visit from AF. Bright red is always scary, but I get it from time to time. I just assumed it was normal. I've had an interesting spectrum the last few days.

  5. Red blood sounds like a good thing to me since the darker blood means old blood. Sorry AF came but here's to next cycle!

  6. I agree with the other ladies - my acupuncturist has always stressed to me that bright red blood is GOOD.

    That being said, sorry you aren't celebrating a BFP with this post. :(

    Color: is indicative of the health of the blood and hence the health of the endometrium. Healthy menstrual blood is bright red and a good consistency. Unhealthy menstrual blood can be watery pink, light red, dark red, purplish or brown.
    Lighter colored blood in TCM means blood deficiency and darker blood indicates increasing levels of blood stagnation

  7. I've just nominated you for a much deserved Versatile Blogger award!!! You can pick up your award on my blog!

  8. Looks like Bridget and I have a similar list. Glad you saw your name on mine. It took me so long to write to post yesterday that I am just now going around and telling everyone.

    Happy Easter!

  9. I have also awarded you the Versatile and/or stylish blogger award! thanks for all of your supportive comments on my blog over the past few months :) xo

  10. So sorry to hear of the BFN. Sucky. New beginnings. Love the middle finger tester...they should seriously sell these.


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