Saturday, April 2, 2011


I can't decide if charting my BBT is worth the effort. When I get into the routine of doing it on a regular basis, I don't mind doing it, however, recently my schedule has changed.

I was offered a position at a different office within the company I work for. The new position is at an office 80 miles away. There was no pay increase, there were no additional perks, there was really no difference except I would be more independent and in-charge of my own assistants and I could possibly make more sales as I work off commission and the other office is in a larger city. An additional perk is that H goes to school in this city and it would be more convenient for him if we lived there, however, he has been taking mostly online classes and will be done with school in 1-2 years.

I turned down the position.

We own our house and like the small town living our income to debt (regular bills) ratio is in our favor right now. We want a bigger house and would have to sell this house and buy likely a smaller house and rent one in the meantime. We decided it wasn't in our best interest for me to accept the position. So after a discussion with my boss about all this we told her our decision.

She didn't like my decision and has sent me there least temporarily. She doesn't want to be in this position herself and also, realizes I will quit if this becomes permanent. So I make the trek to that office 3-4 days a week from now until they get someone permanent into the position. 

Yes, this sucks. Yes, this fucks with our TTC plan, however, she is willing to work with me around my Dr.'s appointments if given enough notice. BUT, this really messes with my BBT, after several months of temping at 6:45, I now must get up at 5:30 to be able to get to work on time at 8:00. Therefore, my chart was thrown off mid-month due to travel, also it was screwed up in the beginning because I had the plague. Now what do I do with the weekends?!?!?! Do I just skip those days? Do I have to wake up at 5:30 on my days off? What about the days where I don't have to get up until 6:45 because I will be working in town?

For those of you who chart, what would you do?

For those of you who don't chart, why did you decide to stop, or why didn't you start in the first place? Any suggestions for alternatives?

Side Note: My CM is not an effective way of monitoring ovulation as it seems to be screwed up due to the cryosurgery I had and I end up using Pre-Seed

Second Side Note: I'm concerned about this because it's day 18 and I haven't ovulated yet, I usually do about day 15, temp hasn't risen, OPK hasn't been positive, take a look at my current chart (see below), and also I've added a new page (see top of my blog) with all my BBT charts.

Third Side Note: it was 92 degrees Fahrenheit out today, we had to turn on our air conditioner tonight so that H could fall asleep. Hope it was nice wherever you are!


  1. Wooohooo! A new blog! I've been waiting. Those charts seem to cause you more anxiety than they are worth.

  2. The above post is me...mary

  3. I do chart. I keep telling myself I'm going to stop, but for some reason charting makes me feel like I am almost in control... ha! I take my temp at 5am every morning no matter when I have to get up for the day. I almost always am able to go right back to sleep, unless of course I'm 12+dpo and my temp is still high- but that goes without saying, right? It doesn't work for everyone, and I know a lot of women who have given it up because it was more stressful than it was worth.
    I am guessing this cycle may be a bit of a bust in terms of charting, so now is a good time to see how it feels to quit. If you can't stand not knowing, you can always pick it up with your next cycle... if there is a next cycle :)

  4. I think charting is totally worth it, as long as it's not adding any additional stress in your life!

    For every 30mins that you sleep in, you subtract 0.1 degree. And for every 30min that you wake up earlier, you add 0.1 degree. Do this until you are adjusted.

    It looks like you're getting close to O. Estrogen decreases your BBT so it looks your levels are getting high!

  5. I agree with Amanda - I think BBTing is hugely worth it. I've heard some say that it stresses them out, but I don't really get that. Every day my alarm goes off at 5:45... 9 times out of 10 I stick the thermometer in my mouth for a minute and then fall right back asleep. I don't bother to input the temp until whatever time I actually wake up for the day. Without temping it was MORE stressful for me to have no idea when I ovulated and how many DPO i was ... and if I should be testing or not.

    I have the same issue with CM thanks to cryotherapy. :P That's part of the reason my RE is hopeful that IUI will work for us.

  6. I tried temping once and I quit because I didn't ever get up at the same time and it was too much work (I guess I was too lazy). I would not want to get up at 5:30 every day!

  7. You are awesome! Thank you for checking in on me. You have inspired me to write the blog post that's been stuck in my head for a week or so. :)
    I don't temp anymore because I'm lazy and whenever I forget to temp in the morning I hate myself for the rest of that day. I'm lucky in that I get a positive opk on CD 13 and/or 14 every month.

    PS- Working with kids is amazing, even though I don't have my own yet.

  8. I could never do the BBT. Day 8 - 18 every second day...get that hubby into bed lol. Try that for a couple of months maybe before the temping. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. It means a lot knowing people are hoping for the best for me :)

  9. I have never been temping, I have other very clear signals for ovulation and a regular cycle so guess I haven't felt the need to.

    Not much help.. hope you can work it out though!

  10. I really suck at temping. I have only tried it a few months and until recently we thought our problems were in a different area. If my IUI doesn't work this cycle I might start again while we save up for the next round of treatments. I had a look at your BBT chart page - you seem to be much more successful at it than I ever have been.

    As to the weekends, I don't know I'm afraid. Perhaps you could wake up, take the temp, and go back to sleep? Not ideal I know.


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