Monday, April 11, 2011

It's been forever

Sorry it's been forever since I last posted, but I'm still in a holding pattern. It now looks like I did ovulate around CD18 which is about 4 days late for me so I was starting to give up hope (I was sick at the beginning of this cycle and I think it threw me off). However, since all it takes to get pregnant is sex when you ovulate, then we somehow hit the nail right on the head. Take a look:

Side Note: I've had a recent craving for sushi, so whenever I get the chance I insist we must go out for sushi. As we have to drive at least an hour in one of two directions to even get to a town that has a sushi restaurant, we don't go very often. However, it has been at least once a weekend for the last 3 weeks. I hope this is my body's way of telling me "get this out of your system, you won't be able to do this for long".

Second Side Note: My next appointment with doc is tomorrow, I'm really hopeful that this visit will result in a referral to an RE. I had a blood test for my TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) this morning but HCG was not checked on the order. Will they do a pregnancy test from it anyway? Since it is unlikely that they will, should I test at home before I go or should I have them whip out a pee stick at the office tomorrow or should I just assume that, as usual, I am not pregnant.


  1. Being sick can totally delay ovulation, but WOW, you guys were right on with your timing anyway!!

    I <3 sushi, and have been doing the same thing lately. :)

    Since you'll only be 10dpo tomorrow, I doubt they'll set for HCG. It's possible an embryo hasn't even implanted yet, so no HCG would be able to be detected (blood test or HPT). Either way, are they even doing anything tomorrow beyond a consultation?

    Hoping you won't even need that referral to an RE!

  2. Man, I dunno how you do it in a small town! I'm in no way creative enough to manage meals without the convience of walking out my door a block to get what I want lol!

    I agree with Josey, I doubt they would do a HCG this early. The amounts would be just miniscule at that point. As for whatever is going to give you the best relief :)

    Wishing you a good appointment!

  3. Good luck at your appointment tomorrow!

  4. Best of luck for todays appointment, hope you get the referral!

  5. Hope your appointment went well today. 10dpo is a little early to test for HCG, so they would probably have you wait a few days...


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