Sunday, April 17, 2011

Still hanging in there...

Still no AF, but I'm afraid to test as that is the most obvious and best way to bring AF on.

My LP is between 12 and 14 days long usually and today is 13 DPO. I've been crampy for a couple of days, but surprisingly nothing today.

I'm sure that simply by writing this post AF will show up tomorrow and likely at the most inconvenient time. How about the hour ride across the desert (with literally nowhere to stop but a port-o-potty) on the way to work in the morning? Oh no, you say, not there?!?! How about while I'm seeing a patient during a 1.5 hour appointment? Does that sound better?

Still holding out hope that this month is my month. Silly little hope, creeps in where she's not wanted.

Side Note: They did do a urine pregnancy test at my Dr.'s appointment on Tuesday. Doc brought up the idea, I didn't even request it. You've never seen 3 people who are essentially strangers stare at the same pee stick with such intent (Me, Doc, and the Nurse). It was negative at 8 DPO.

Second Side Note: Either I can't read or I can't do math or both. Remember when I said they tripled my dose for my thyroid meds? Well...not quite...or, well...not at all. I was at 50 micrograms (I thought I was taking 25) and now I am at 75. Let's still hope it does the trick.

Third Side Note: Yesterday was H's birthday, we drove to El Paso (a 2 hour drive thank you very much) and ate at Texas Roadhouse (his choice, and yes that's how far we have to go to get something other than Chili's and Applebees). We also picked up some jewelry from the jewelers that he was having resized and I was having repaired.  He got a new watch and I got new shoes...hey, don't judge me, it's fair!!!! They're Clarks and they are comfortable and I can wear them to work. He got a Gucci watch that has a stop watch. As a personal trainer, he justified that it was necessary and worth it (to me and to himself I think). 

Second Side Note: I've talked about my friend Mary on here several times before. She reads and follows this blog. She just found out on Wednesday that her Mom died. I don't have the information on why or how, but I know it was sudden. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she travels with her two young kids home to Connecticut to see her family and attend the funeral. Also, her brother passed away in February in a freak accident and her boyfriend is now stationed in England...This is not her year. 


  1. Wow, lots to respond to in this post!

    (1) Your chart is looking awesome. I SOOOO hope your temps stay up for another 36 weeks!!

    (2) I feel your pain on driving 2 hrs to get something other than Chili's or Applebees. We have those 30 minute away, other it's 1h45min minimum to find other options in Grand Junction!

    (3) They tested at 8dpo? That totally surprises me. I tested negative at 10dpo... and then FAINTLY positive at 12dpo. 8 seems super early. Are you holding out until AF to know one way or the other this cycle?

    (4) Cute shoes! And happy belated bday to your hubby. :)

    (5) How sad about your friend Mary's year. :( Wow, not her year indeed.

  2. Hope AF stays away!

    I love Clarks...I think half of my shoes are Clarks...and they just keep getting cuter, and cuter, and always comfy!

    Sorry to hear about your friend's loss.

  3. So sorry to hear about your friend's loss.

    Your chart is looking great! 8dpo is way too early for a pee test, maybe a blood test would have picked something up. Will you test tomorrow if AF doesn't come or wait till 15dpo?

  4. So sorry for your friend, I know how hard it is to lose your mom, my thoughts are with her. I hope af doesn't show at all this month and I love those shoes!!!

  5. Fingers crossed then that AF won't show!

    Thinking of your friend, so tough.

  6. Hoping AF stays away! I'm impressed that you haven't tested yet...I think 8dpo is way too early, so I wouldn't be discouraged by that at all!

    Awesome shoes, and sounds like a fun birthday :)

    So sorry to hear of your friend's loss...I couldn't imagine.

  7. This is Mary...The friend! Thank you everyone...Michele I am catching up on your blogs. My oarents don't have internet. Love you!


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