Thursday, July 28, 2011

Second SA

So H had his second sperm analysis done.

It's not good.

He did his deed at home and then drove across the desert to drop it off. He said he got there within the requisite hour. However, he blames the low "scores" on the drive, the heat and the time delay. I think he's in denial as he was VERY defensive. But also, there were too many white blood cells and his VA doc also said there were too many WBCs in his blood that was taken a few months ago.

His last SA was borderline low on most things.

He drove back to pick up the results so that I wouldn't show up at my next appointment and find out they didn't have the results (I'm also doing this for my bloodwork). I will not be put off any longer. But this means that I was the one interpreting the results, not my doc (or his for that matter). So maybe I'm wrong.

He has an appointment next Friday with the local VA to see if anything can be done for the WBC locally before seeing a urologist (or any other specialist for that matter), but I think that seeing a specialist for him might be part of our next few steps in addition to a potential IUI.

This is (hopefully) our last natural cycle and I'm therefore in the 2ww. I definitely O'd last week, but with this recent news I don't think there is a point in having hope for this cycle. I will therefore be enjoying some alcoholic beverages this weekend (also, my sister will be visiting on Monday)


  1. Ugh, those road bumps suck ASS, but try to remember it only takes ONE egg and ONE sperm to make a baby. If drunk teenagers having sex with old married men with vasectomies can get knocked up, it can happen to you too! :)

    I'm hoping that your doc has a more positive interpretation of the results, or at least an easy "fix." Hang in there hon.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that, hang in there and I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

  3. News like that sucks. Here's hoping there's an easy solution!

  4. I'm sorry Michele...and I feel bad for your husband too. Hopefully it was just a bad sample, and his next one will be improved. Don't give up hope yet though! I've heard of pregnancies with hardly any sperm count. Two women actually.

    But still, enjoy those drinks. xo

  5. I'm still gonna stick with that 'ole theory of "you only need one good swimmer" ;)

  6. I'm pretty sure it's a 'guy thing' to get defensive over hearing about low quality sperm. My husband's sample had great results, but we were told a few looked abnormal. Every once in a while I tell him they are cross-eyed and can't find my eggs and he makes sure to let me know that his sample was indeed a great result-ha!

    Anyways, there are foods, herbs and such that can boost it! Good luck- keep the faith!


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