Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So I might be a idiot...

I called the fertility office on Friday so that I could demand an appointment. I selected a different voicemail from their automated system so that I could try to get a response from someone else. 

I am not seeing an RE, apparently she is simply a Clinical Nurse Specialist, CNS. So first of all, I felt like an ass not knowing what to call the "doc". 

I left a voicemail for Desirae. She was the very nice medical assistant who does all their scheduling for new patients. She helped me get squeezed in for my first appointment in this office and even brought the medical release down to me when I was working in the same building. (BTW did I tell you guys that I don't have to make that drive anymore?)

Desirae called me back almost immediately after I left her the message and I told her that I had been waiting for someone (anyone) to call me back to schedule my follow up visit. I told her that I had waited so long to hear that I had patients scheduled to see me the day that I was supposed to be seen. She said she would find someway to make the day I needed to be seen work around my schedule.  Let me remind you that this isn't her job, they pay someone else to do exactly this (deal with current patients). So she was going out of her way to help me.

She also informed me that the "doc" goes by Lulu. So now I had a name to go with instead of saying ....um...the doc...the nurse....Guadelupe????

She called be back very quickly to let me know that she had worked me in on the 8th, that was the day that I had requested, and they got me in at 7AM as requested as well. I was ecstatic.

Then I realized by the end of the day that I had gotten the wrong day. That I had actually needed the appointment a week later on August 15th. So I called back and apologized profusely about my mistake and she worked me in at a 7:30 AM appointment the following week.

.......Then....as I was writing this post... and trying to get the dates correct, I realized that I was right the first time!!!!!! Fuck Me!!!! I need an appointment on the 8th.

I called back and embarrassed myself (on the voicemail) telling them that in fact I had the date correct in the first place on the 8th. I had multiple people in my office double check before I called back. I called Desirae, because if I'm going to make an ass of myself, I'd rather just she know.

I am waiting for them to call me back to dismiss me as a patient, and let me know that I'm an idiot if they will be able to squeeze me in on the 8th.

Side note: turns out that Desirae is Lulu's daughter, so there is no way that Lulu will not hear about the ridiculousness that is me.


  1. I have sooooooooooo done that before. What a pain in the butt. I really hope this goes smoothly for you and they finally give you a plan of attack. Seems like you've been given the run around a ton!!!

  2. that's too funny. I've done that before and almost rearranged my whole schedule cause I was too embarassed to call back. But I did and they just laughed.

    The staff sound amazing at this place!

  3. oh no! you poor thing, I'm glad you have someone at the office who is willing to help squeeze you in when needed!


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