Sunday, July 31, 2011

Free Water from the Sky!

Yeah, so it's finally raining here in the desert. And in many ways it's fantastic, but in other ways it's horrible.

Each summer, usually in August, we get rain, it's actually monsoon season. The pacific ocean winds and the winds from the gulf of Mexico bring rain to our front door. It usually rains for about a half hour in the early afternoon, just about every day, during monsoon season.

This week however, it's rained for several hours a day most days.

This floods the arroyos, this one is across the street from our house. And it floods our street.

And floods our zero-scaped yard lets us water out plants (and our grass grew like 3 inches in a week!)
And it lets us collect free water for the garden and plants. (I know the trash cans and water jugs are ghetto fabulous, but it works because we don't have gutters and the pitch of the roof makes a waterfall right there. Who needs gutters though when it only rains 30 days out of the year?)
But the lightening from the storm started a fire in the mountains very near our home this afternoon.
Sorry the picture is blurry, but the lights in front our our house and you can see the fire in the background on the mountain, maybe 3 miles away.

We are safe for now, I don't think the fire will move into town, but I'll keep you posted.

Side note: Day 21 bloodwork tomorrow and follow up appointment next Monday.


  1. Glad everything is ok- flooding and fires can't be fun to deal with!

  2. We have the same system for collecting water for the flowers. :) We def get more rain than you, but not much more. July was a crazy rainy month for us though (afternoon showers almost every day, like you were saying).

    Hoping that fire stays well away from you and they get it under control quickly!

  3. Crazy...and I thought our city was the capital for rain haha! Glad you guys are okay and hope the fires get under control fast! - my blog on the right side of your blog (your blog list) has the old blog name on it. Maybe that's why it wasn't showing up in your reader?


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