Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Still here...

 ...and by here, I mean not pregnant.

CD1 was yesterday as expected.

Called the clinic to schedule an appointment for the end of this cycle and left a message, still haven't heard back today. Called again, but didn't leave a second message. I'm not sure how much I need to nag them to schedule an appointment, but it's hard for me to schedule one last minute as I have to reschedule all my patients that I'm supposed to see.

Since not much else is really going on, I'm thought I'd post some more of my knitting projects.

A blanket I knit for a friend last summer after her son was born. It's the Big Bad Baby Blanket from "Stitch and Bitch" (the book I picked up 2 years ago to reteach myself how to knit). It's well used as you can see from one of the close ups (she says its his favorite blanket). It was a fantastic first knitting project, but it took me forever to do as I was kind of slow.
My favorite part is the very center where the patter changes and makes the design

 I knit a bunny ear hat for this same baby but his mom has yet to send me the picture she took of him with it on. I made it earlier this summer, but it probably won't actually get used to this next winter. It was my first hat, but it turned out well if I do say so myself.

My next project is a basket-full-of-daisies blanket. I'll post pictures of the project soon.


  1. Super cute hat! Hopefully they'll get back to you on the appointment soon... always waiting for something :)

  2. Beautiful work! I love the different directions of the stitching on the blanket...really cool.

    And...I'm a few days late on the birthday wishes...hope you enjoyed it!

  3. Love the knitting!! And I would hound the Drs office until they get you an appointment!!

  4. Bummer on another CD1 :( but AWESOME knitting projects!

  5. Well, BOO on CD 1. Be refreshed and renewed for a new cycle. Beautiful knitting- I SO want to learn!



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