Thursday, July 14, 2011

Small town America can BITE ME!!!!

I went for day three bloodwork today and decided to try out a new lab. I was hoping for a change, or maybe hoping for a miracle [sidenote: come on...seriously universe!!! can't you just throw me a bone on one of these things!?!?!...pretty please] and that I'd be able to use this lab for any future fertility treatments. Turns out, that won't be the case.

Let me backtrack. On my last visit to the fertility specialist (an hour away) she wanted me to get some bloodwork. I asked if I could get it done near home and she said yes because she didn't need the results right away. She did mention, however, that during treatments (meaning if I have to do dominant folicle studies and daily bloodwork to monitor medications) that she would want the results right away, so she wanted them done in her hospital where the post the results online for her and she can check them that same day and let me know if I need to modify medication dosages.

I thought that if this new lab could get same day results I might be able to help by faxing them directly to her or scanning them and e-mailing them or even setting it up so that the lab could e-mail them right to her.

I though wrong.

They send the blood to Albuquerque to be analyzed and the results are sent to the referring doctor within 48 hours.


I guess if things result in daily bloodwork, I will be getting up at 4:45, leaving the house by 5:45, getting to the hospital by 7:00, having blood drawn first thing (if they open that early, which they should) racing back to town and starting work by 8:30.

Also, thanks to your comments on my previous post, I'll be hounding the clinic to schedule me a cd28 appointment. 


  1. ugh. That will not make for a happy girl :(

  2. ugh, i hear ya. it was 45 min to the closest hospital who could do my bloodwork with a decent turnaround. so frustrating!

    as a side note, do you also think it's weird when people say they live "in a small town," yet their town is big enough to have shopping centers, hospitals, etc? Um, yeah, that's not small, not compared to a lot of places!

  3. boo... that's how it was when we were starting up, but luckily we were able to explain the difference in immediate results to our insurance, and they approved in house blood work, instead of at 'their' lab.


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