Wednesday, December 7, 2011

As promised...

I took a picture of my armpit hair (ok, not really, perhaps my last post was confusing, just a picture of my long hair).

I wasn't able to get a good picture as no one was around to take it for me and my iphone has a crazy cover on it that is supposed to be extra protective, so it has a flap that covers the camera lens. Regardless, this pic is about as good as it gets. Sorry if the colors are off, but you get the idea, my hair is getting crazy long.

Oh...and I'm not a ginger, it just looks that color in the second picture because of the lighting.

Donor Diva suggested I braid it each night before bed, I don't know how that never occurred to be before, thanks for the suggestion.

Side Note: I think we are putting off TTC for the next 2 months minimum, meaning we will be trying but without ART. If it happens, it happens, but I doubt it will. So I'm using this opportunity to work out and lose some weight before we pick back up again. I plan to continue to blog through it though , so I hope you guys enjoy posts about exercising, weight loss and crafting...cause that's what my world is about to be all about.


  1. Wow girl - crazy long hair indeed!!!

    I think that's a good plan to concentrate on yourself and your health while you try a couple of cycle naturally. I was feeling so much better when I was working out and down 20# (though I ended up putting 10# back on those last couple months before the IUI -grrr). Once you get pregnant, you'll have to be okay with putting ON weight for awhile, so it's good to be at a happy weight pre-bfp for sure. :)

  2. Taking a break is always a good idea. I look forward to posts about exercising and weight loss. I'm trying to do the same things!

  3. pretty. I wish my hair would grow that long. I have no hope, even with the damn useless prenatals. :)

  4. Holy crikey! That's some crazy long hair you have!!! Donor Diva?? Are you donating? I missed something...

  5. I can never grow my hair out- yours is awesome! I hope your natural cycles work out for you!

  6. Wow! That's long. I had to cut my hair recently because I kept getting tangled up in at night. I didn't have the armpit problem though.

    PS - Thanks for the award. Now to think of seven more things about myself that I haven't revealed yet....hmmm.....


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