Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tell me about yourself

I love awards, but some are so complicated. However, I'm never one to purposefully be a party pooper so here goes.

Chantelle over at Creating a Rainbow gave me the Tell Me About Yourself Award. I don't know if this one truely counts as an award, or just an excuse to be less anonymous on your blog, but whatever, I'll play along.

1. Thank the person who awarded you.
2. List 7 things people may not know about you.
3. Pass it on to 15 (Holy Crap!) other bloggers and don't forget to notify them.

My 7 things...Hmmm...I've done this before, so I'll try to come up with some new things.

1. I started signing my blog Punky from the beginning because I thought I wanted to keep this blog completely anonymous, then I realized I had put my real name somewhere in the set up and that is how my comments are signed on other people's blog. Anonymity...foiled! Punky is H's nickname for me.
2. As I have now eliminated all anonymity for myself by giving my name, location and profession, I guess I should also out my husband. His name is Nathan and I don't think he really cares if I put his name on here.
3. I said several months ago that I wouldn't cut my hair until I was pregnant or about to deliver. I haven't cut it and now it is so long, it get's stuck in my armpits when I sleep and I wake up with my neck at the strangest angles. I'll take a picture (of my hair, not my armpits) and post it sometime.
4. When I was little I wanted to be a bus driver. Because my mom drove us to school, there was always mystery behind riding the bus and with my limited knowledge about all the choices for professions I just thought it would be the coolest thing.

 Gosh, it's hard to come up with creative things to put here, I'm kind of running out of ideas...Lets go back to things about the blog...

5. When I first started reading blogs it was during an ICLW week. I thought it was a once a year type of thing and that I just happened to start reading blogs THAT VERY WEEK! I thought, "holy hell, this is a sign that I should start blogging". I commented on every blog I read that week!
6. For longer than it really should have happened, I would comment on blogs without reading the date, only to realize that it was something that was written months (or years) ago...oops.

I'm really out of ideas now, so it's stretching to come up with another...hmmm...

7.  I'm from the Chicago area initially and I kind of love that winter doesn't really exist here in New Mexico. That's a big part of the reason that I decided to move here in the first place...who knew I'd get stuck living here. But then yesterday, it snowed 6 inches! in December?!?!?!? We never get snow until January, if it even snows at all here. Also, it just occurred to me that some of my non-US readers might thing I actually live in Mexico, I just want to clarify that I live in the southwest part of the United States, not actually in Mexico! (Please tell me you knew that already!)

Also, as stated above, part of the rules are to nominated 15 people. Feel free to participate if you like, I will try to nominate people who haven't already posted on this, but sorry if you've been nominated by someone else. I do think these lists are a good way to find new blogs to follow, so please follow the link and check them out. In no particular order (Well, that's not exactly true, I just went down my reader of most recent posts, but don't let any of you think that makes you less special):

1. Josey @ My Cheap Version of Therapy
2. Waiting and Wishing @ Waiting and Wishing
3. Cori @ Just Us
4. Lauren @ The Yoakum Crew
5. Jen @ The Chronicles of Violetta Margarita
6. Jess @ When the Music Fades
7. Bridget @ The Lost Stork
8. JM @ Meier Madness
9. New Year Mum @A Year on...Our New Beginning (Password protected)
10. Are You My Moms @ Are You My Moms
11. Ducky @ I'm just Ducky, Thanks
12. Tracy @ Just Let Go (Who, BTW, needs to stop moving her blog around so people can find her)
13. The Lovely Us @ It's Sunshine and Lollypops, until your stork gets lost
14. ChickenPig @ Better Full Than Empty (Who I thought I was following, but wasn't, sorry, and I missed a whole lot)
15. Jenn @ Got Love, Been Married, no where the hell's the baby carriage

Good Lord that's a lot of copy-paste-hyperlink-ing!!!!


  1. Okay, I'm going to participate...but there's no way I've got 15 peeps to pass it on to!!!

    FYI - get laser hair removal for your pits. It's amazing. No seriously - amazing. I'm going to write about that as one of my things about myself.

  2. Oh ya...I'm done moving the blog. Seriously lol

    I recommend you do it too. In fact everyone should. I like bossing people around. See, there's another thing you probably didn't know.

  3. Thank you for the nomination! I am terrible with these awards because lately I've had like 5 minutes to sit and blog, and that's just not enough time to do anything but post a quick update. *sigh* I'll have more time someday.

  4. Thanks for the nomination!!! Have a fantastic rest of your week.


  5. Thanks for the nomination!! I love reading random stuff about my blog friends that doesn't always have something to do with their EWCM. :)

  6. I hope today was much less craptastic! I'm looking forward to this pic of your armpit hair. lol

  7. You funny girl. Yeah, 15 is a lot to pass it on to, hence my cheating with this one. And now I have to look at a map but at least knew you are in the US.

  8. I can't believe you guys got snow yesterday!! I was talking with MIL about it this morning because she was asking me if we had a snow day today (I took the day off to play with Ant and DH). Crazy!

    My hair is getting long also, I braid my hair every night before bed to keep it under control.

  9. Thanks Friend! :) doing it now (or going to try to if I don't fall asleep first)!!

  10. Thank you so much... you're very sweet :)) I'm so far behind emails.reading.commenting this week and only just sitting down on my home computer for the first time... so sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Thanks and love always xoxo

  11. Found you through blog hopping and wanted to say hi! I always loved participating in ICLW and finding new blogs. :) I loved all your random comments about you.


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