Friday, December 16, 2011

Sort of good news I guess...

So I decided on a whim to call the Sher institute for an opinion by doing a free fertility consultation with Dr. Fisch at that clinic. Everything he said is exactly what I know to be true and contradicts nearly everything that my local doctors have offered me.

He thinks I should be on a higher dose of Synthroid than my local doc offered. He also says that it's ok if I'm a little hyperthyroid (which I will give credit for my local doc saying too). He said that I should take the meds in the morning like I was doing before and my prenatals at night like I was doing before. He said that there is no reason to wait 6 months only to find out that my TSH still isn't leveled out only to push things out further, he said that we should be more proactive about this.

He said that he is worried because Lulu doesn't do a post-wash sperm count and is worried even more that she thinks that H's number's look low post wash even unmeasured. He said that this could be the issue. He doesn't feel that the varicocele repair will be enough to bring his numbers up.

He said that often times even with normal ovulation, that egg quality is an issue with hypothyroidism. Because of this he feels that continued IUIs even with injectible medications could still fail to produce a pregnancy. It's possible that we could do several injectible cycles and spend as much as an IVF and still not be pregnant.

I know it is how they make money, but still I would guess he could have said anything, however he recommended IVF with ICSI!

They have payment plans that are significantly less than what I thought they would be. I qualify for standard protocol and also what he called micro-IVF, which I'm thinking is just a short protocol with less meds. There are benefits and drawbacks to both. However, whichever we were to choose would involve flying to Las Vegas for a week and a half or so.

We could start as early as my next period!

I didn't expect that I would have this type of decision to make so soon, I'll have to talk to the husband about all this tonight.


  1. Exciting!! It's a lot to think about, but a step in the right direction which is very exciting! From what I've read, micro-IVF or mini-IVF as some clinics call it, is a lower dose of drugs and typically yields less eggs. If that is the case, I wonder how that fits with his thoughts on hypothyroidism and egg quality? Just something to think about. I am so glad you decided to get another opinion- looking forward to hearing what you decide!

  2. Wow, that's a lot of info to process!

    Best of luck in your decision making! How long have you been trying to have a baby?

  3. Wow...that's a lot to think about tonight! I'm getting the impression though that you are excited though!!!!

    Hope the conversation with N goes well!

  4. Wow! Lots to think about it. I would urge you to go for it and not bother wasting more time on iui. Hubby and I did 5 over 8 months only to be told by our second opinion that ICSI is probably the only thing that will ever really work for us. We were lucky enough to have insurance, do it was only time wasted, not money. But it was a really frustrating feeling. (I'm hypothyroid too, but only sub clinical).

  5. It's always a good idea to get a second opinion like that. I'm glad you have a positive, proactive second opinion to contemplate!

  6. Sounds like that guy knows his stuff! I say go for it!

  7. Oh, what a jump but it's good. If you feel ready then go for it. I'm glad you had a second opinion.


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