Monday, December 19, 2011

Keeping Busy

I know you all were anxiously awaiting the outcome of my conversation with the husband about IVF. We discussed it and decided that it is definitely the route we will choose and we will probably go ahead with the Sher Institute in Las Vegas. The question now is when? I don't have a definite answer for that question.

We could start birth control as early as next cycle, but we have to figure out how to come up with the finances first.  So we decided to start by trading in a car. It lowered our monthly payments by $300 (however, insurance only went down $4 a month), but I will miss Hugo, our white Mercedes SUV but he never really was my car. Ruby, the replacement Toyota Camry Hybrid will do though. She will get better gas mileage on my husbands commute to school anyway. My husband tried to convince me that if we traded in both SUVs that we could do IVF now, but I can't let go of my other SUV, I love it, and I know I would regret it, we bought that one as a family car in the first place. We still have 3 cars, two of which have loans, so we might also sell the 3rd car as it isn't really child friendly anyway.

So unless we win the lottery or some other miracle, we are going to have to wait until after our tax returns and my bonus check in March. I'm going to talk to my boss to see if there is a way to get my bonus check early.

I have been keeping busy with other projects, mostly on ways that we are trying to save money. I'm going to post about them this week.


  1. Having a plan always feels so good! Even if the timeline isn't set in stone yet, knowing where you're headed is somehow calming.

  2. Agreed. A plan of action is always good. Make a list of what you have to get done and keep that close. I found that organizing was my way of taking back some of the control that was stripped from me during all the RPL nonsense ;)

  3. Phew - what a big step, but how fun to have a plan!!

  4. I'm excited that you have a plan! I know it's hard to not be able to jump right in, but when I've had to wait a month or two to start cycles, it's actually helped me to focus on other parts of life to take my mind off of it, and get into a relaxed state. Having time to get life in order a bit before the madness is nice too. It will be here before you know it!

  5. First time stopping by! Sounds like a great plan, and progress! :-) I went to SHER here locally in St. Louis to Dr. Ahlering. I loved him and felt very optimistic under his care! If you're travelling, I would recommend Dr. Simckes at Fertility Partnership here in St. Louis. He was my Ob/Gyn who has a passion for infertility and has had well over an 80% success rate so far since opening the clinic! His cost is about $6,000 for a full IVF cycle too! Just another thought...


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