Sunday, January 23, 2011

Home again...home again

Decided to share this story now that I'm awake, winding down from a long day and worried.

So I'm finally home again. I made it back after an 8 hour day at a conference, and a 5+ hour drive back home (I was the driver with 3 passengers...sounds like fun huh?).

I was excited to be home and be with my husband. He was, of course, in bed when I got here, but I woke him up anyway. It was great to be back, 2 days in a hotel is enough and to have to work on the weekend makes it all that much worse.

We had a nice little romp in the sack before going to sleep and I started to fall asleep thinking wow, turned out to be an OK day.

You know, it was the good kind of sex, not the baby-making kind, not the it's a holiday/birthday/anniversary-of-some-sort kind, not the I-don't-really-feel-like-it-but-I-know-he-does kind, not the I-might-be-charting-this-all-wrong-let's-just-give it-a-shot-in-the-dark kind. It was the remember-before-we-decided-to-start-trying-to-have-kids-first-couple-of-dates/early-marriage kind.

It was good and sweet and happy. I was just starting to drift off when he shakes me awake and says "Oh no, they said I'm not supposed to have sex for 3 days before my sperm check on Tuesday!" Of course I was never informed about this caveat and was blissfully unaware while the deed was being done.

We've decided that there is no way we are rescheduling, he has to drive 100 miles to get to the VA hospital, where he is to have this done, and we had to schedule the appointment 2 monthes ago (They don't do SAs anywhere in town and he has to go through the VA to have it covered anyway because it was a pre-existing condition his current insurance won't cover and was caused by physical training during his military experience).

We will also likely opt to do what my Gyno calls a "secondary sperm check" (or something along those lines) where we have sex prior to an appointment with him, he removes a sample from my cervix and examines it himself under a microscope. I'm not sure of the typical proceedures involved in a sperm analysis but they must be significantly more sophisticated than this "scrape and look" technique. This was initially a choice when the SA was first looking like it was going to be a 4 hour drive away, but it now seems as though it will be a back-up plan given the current circumstances.

I have no idea when to expect the results back from the SA, but H has been specifically assigned to ask so that I know if I need to move my appointment from January 31 to a later date. Everything moves a little slower in New Mexico.


  1. Good that you made it home safe. There is so much to think about when dealing with tests and appointments. Lovely that you were able to connect in a more true and spontaneous way ;) That helps a lot within the relationship.

    I have never heard about what you describe as the secondary sperm check. My man had two done with a few months in between, but not like this.

  2. Awww, those days are few and far between dealing with IF. I will keep my fingers crossed that you get a good result with the analysis! And thank you for the lovely comment on my post :)


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