Friday, January 14, 2011

What the heck is Varicocele

I know I mentioned it before and you've probably googled it already, but I thought I'd list the highlights.

Varicocele is varicose veins in the testicles.

Varicose veins are veins with walls that bulge out. They can happen most anywhere in the body. Blood pools in them because the valves that pump blood back to the heart no longer work properly.

In H's case, his were caused by lifting heavy weights with his legs and may be contributing to infertility. H is a personal trainer and weightlifting is a hobby.

According to my gyno, the testes can usually monitor their own temperature, but with extra blood flow from the varicocele can get too hot and kill all the sperm.

40% of infertile males have this condition.

It is more common on the left side, which is H's case.

The bad news is that surgical correction of the condition may not remedy infertility.

An inguinal hernia can be misdiagnosed as varicocele. H has both...maybe

I guess we'll find out after January 25 when he goes for his sperm analysis (SA)

On another, happier, note, I still think I ovulated this month!!!


  1. Hi, I dropped by from LFCA, and just wanted to say that my brother has a varicocele, and he and his wife are currently expecting their third child (all conceived naturally). I know that everyone's situation is unique, of course, but just thought I'd share a possible positive outcome. (He never even had the surgery to have it corrected.)

    Good luck!

  2. Hey, stopping by from LFCA as well. I wish I could offer some useful advice regarding varicocele, but I now only know just as much as you!

    Just wanted to say hi!


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