Monday, January 17, 2011

The old crib

I was just thinking about this the other day. Not for and reason...just popped into my head.

My parents moved across the country the week of my wedding in 2009. The move had been planned for awhile and was going to be the 3rd home my parents had lived in in my lifetime. It was job related and my father wasn't ready to retire.

They did however decide to downsize and found a 4 bedroom home instead of 5 and one that didn't have a basement. I think they over-estimated how much junk they had. The items from the old house filled their 3 car garage while they emptied the house of garage sale items they had accumulated while waiting for the official move (they lived in the new house for 2 years without any of the furniture/junk from the old house)

While I was visiting them in California at the new house (a business trip took me to the area) a few weeks after my wedding, I found myself helping them sort through and relocate things from the garage into the house. Part way into the day I came across a large metal item that looked like something like a piece of a chain link fence. I could not identify what it was at the time, so I put it into the "Donate" pile. We continued to sort and I never thought twice about the item.

Later in the day, my mom came out and relocated the unknown item into the "Keep" pile and the following conversation ensued:

Me-"Why are you keeping that thing?"

Mom-"Don't worry about it, I just am not ready to give it up"

Me-"But what is it?"

Mom-"It's mine and I still want to keep it"

Me (Obviously not ready to give up so easily)-"But why?"

Mom-"Ok...It's the bottom of your brother's, your sister's and your old crib, all 3 of you used it and I want to keep the crib for when you bring my grandbabies to visit"

My older brother is 30 and married and my younger sister is 26 and single and living with them for the time being. (By the way, I might have a small case of middle child syndrome, in case it comes up in the future) None of us has kids.

I almost started to cry. My mom, and my dad for that matter, have never asked/worried/pestered us about when we will start trying for kids. I know that others don't have it so easy and are asked each month where they stand. I am lucky to have parents who instinctively know better. However, she will always be prepared in case the need for a crib arises.

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  1. That's really sweet. It's nice with family that doesn't put pressure on you by asking all the time. It's the same for me.

    (found you through LFCA)


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