Friday, January 7, 2011

Nice to meet...well...Me

So, I decided to write a blog. I have been following other blogs about infertility for several months. Now our journey to conceive has drifted from the path of the straight and narrow onto the winding road that is the world of infertility. If not the fastest way to a baby, this winding road might at least be more interesting (for others to hear about) with an infinitly better view of the world.

With this new path, I have decided that I need an outlet for my emotions as well as a universally understanding support group and network of peers (cue the blog).

Where to start...
We suspect infertility, my husband (in this blog referred to has H for him or he or even just the husband) and I have not been formally diagnosed. We both get checked out at the end of this month.

H has had varicocele and an inguinal hernia. Both of which he currently refuses to have fixed though they cause him pain.


What to expect from my blog:

Will I be honest? yes
blunt? usually
tactful? sometimes

Will I be funny?...maybe

If I'm not outright funny, I at least hope for amusing so that you will continue to follow me and comment as you see fit.

I even appreciate lurkers as I was a lurker for sometime before commenting, then commenting led to following, then following led to writing my own blog.

Oh...and I easily get side tracked and lost in a tangent to my main point never to return. Please excuse this when reading my musings.

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