Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nowhere, NM does not actually exisit

If you haven't already, I bet you still will google map Nowhere, NM. If you do, you will realize that it doesn't actually exisit.

You just checked?!?!?! Didn't you?!?!?!

The names this town has been called include the nice "The Dumpo" to the not so nice "The Shithole". However, I once referred to where I now live as Nowhere, NM to a cashier at a store when visiting the in-laws. The girl said "Oh, I lived in Hell Frozen Over, Alaska". Nowhere, NM stuck with me from then on.

I did not end up here long-term on purpose. I grew up in IL and H grew up in CO. He was stationed near here in the Air Force and I did an internship here for graduate school. I though "I can live anywhere for a year" and he had no choice. When he seperated from the Air Force after 6 years in service and I was offered a full time job at the same practice where I did my internship, we decided to stay. Even though that means that H will be driving everyday to school over 60 miles each way, we decided to stay. Although there is only a Chili's and an Applebees in town (the fast food restaurants and local dumps don't count) and recently the IHOP has become the place to eat, we decided to stay.

Of course, there are also some positive things about where we live. No winter...It doesn't get below freezing very often, if at all. The cost of living compared to my income has worked out in our favor and allowed my husband to go back to school and us to get by on my income alone. My husband loves to hunt and has all the freedom he needs to head out into the desert.

Our main problem will arise if/when we need medical intervention for infertility. There are 2 gynocological practices in town. There are no reproductive endocrynologists within 100 miles.

Hopefully things work out in our favor on this one.

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