Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I think I've been here before...I remember that tree...

 ----Insert wavy hand motions that take you back to the past----

It was seventh grade and my parents were in Japan so my grandparents were watching me and my brother and sister. I went to school like it was any other day. At lunch time, a classmate made me aware of the fact that AF had come (this was not her first appearance, just early on in her career) and was coating the backside of my khaki uniform pants. She only mentioned it AFTER I had walked all they way to the back of the lunchroom to sit down. After putting on a show for the entire school, I had to call my grandfather and explain over the phone what had happened so that someone could come get me.

----Insert wavy hand motions that take you back to the present----

I'm giving a presentation today to 4th graders on the dangers of loud sounds and how we must protect our ears and our hearing. In the middle of the presentation, I realize something is going on down below. I have to leave the presentation and ask the school nurse to use the staff restroom and need to get supplies from her. As this is an elementary school, she doesn't have said supplies for the students but has to ask another staff member who has to ask someone else and so on until the appropriate accouterments could be located. The fantastic part of this all is that I have to go back next week to the same school to talk to the third graders.

I really thought I'd outgrew AF embarrassment...guess not!!!

I really hope this type of shit happens to other people and not just to me. But I guess I bring it on myself.

I put off purchasing monthly sanitary supplies on the off chance that I will not need them for the next 9 months. Then I find that at the last possible second I must dig to the bottom of my purse in a public restroom to find the last remaining tampon with a half torn wrapper to use and hope like hell that I can make it by on that one because I won't be home/back to the office/able to make it to the store to buy more before I need another.  

Side note: I think Sunday evening's "problem" was a result of Saturday evening's gumbo (In case she reads this, thanks Jessica for the side effects wonderful meal).

Second side note: Other people's notes about how they get antibiotics and pain killers for their upcoming HSGs are starting to freak me out. I've been offered no such advise/accomodations from Doc and am starting to get a little panicky.


  1. Okay...here's to the comment I would never write on my own blog b/c my mother doesn't need this info.

    (1) Don't worry about the antibiotics. Ask your RE - mine said to take an 800mg Ibuprofen 90 minutes before. They gave me mine for free.

    (2) As for antibiotics, they prescribed this for me, and even though everything else cost us HUNDREDS and THOUSANDS out of pocket, the "Doxycycle Hyc 100mg" cost me $4. Awesome. Apparently it's to reduce the risk of infection after the HSG. I'm sure it's easy to get a prescription for.

    (3) The actual HSG wasn't so bad. Definitely cramping. Definitely unpleasant. But definitely nothing compared to everything else we have gone through as IFers.

    (4) Your embarrassment level should NEVER compare to mine. If you read my blog, you'll see that we screwed up our SA by having drunk sex on Saturday night 30 hrs before the test (NOT a typical occurrence thanks to IF). THEN, at the HSG on Tuesday morning, the doc realized I had a FREAKIN TAMPON in...not just from drunk sex on Saturday, but also from the baseline ultrasound (and the trans-vaginal ultrasound thingamagiger that looks like a dildo). Yes. EXTREMELY embarrassing. Yes, the doc was a HOT 30-35 year old. Yes, I survived it, but not without a lot of red-faced mumbling.

    You will be okay. I promise. Make sure you don't have any forgotten tampons in you...and you'll be fine. A little cramping, and that's it. You're on to the next step in having a baby!!!

    Sorry if this was TMI, but I'm hoping this makes you feel better about things. You'll be fine. I PROMISE.

  2. Hey there, my HSG was not bad at all. I was told to take ibuprofen ahead of time. There was no mention of antibiotics. They did want me to have someone to drive me in case I was in pain after. That wasn't a possibility, so I figured if I had to take a cab back to work or home, I'd go back for my car later. I ended up driving back to work without issue. The most upsetting thing to me was the it took place only days after my 35th birthday. Welcome to advanced maternal age, I thought! The one thing I will warn of is in placing too much stock in what the radiologist tells you during the procedure. Some think there are theraputic benefits to the procedure. I was told while lying on the table that it looked like my left tube may have been blocked, but it was open (perhaps opened by the fluid pushed through). When I relayed this info to my RE a few months later, she was upset, and said he shouldn't have said that, and she might have to go downstairs and have a chat with him. She is not a believer in the theraputic benefits of HSG. Anyway, the best thing you can do is take ibuprofen, a big breath, and relax. Good luck!

  3. Ok, I am seriously dying from Josey's comments. Thanks for the morning laugh!

    As for the HSG I took two doses of antibiotics one before and one after. I took 600mg of Advil about one hour before and then I got scared and took 200mg about 30 minutes prior to the procedure. I felt almost nothing; hopefully it will be the same for you!

  4. I didn't get any antibiotics before my HSG. Maybe every RE has a different method?

  5. Ha! Josey lolol

    I just had mine today. I took the antibiotics... Maybe ask your RE to confirm? It's just to prevent an infection. You start them the night before and go from there.

    My first HSG was painful, but that was because I forgot to take ibuprofin. This time, I took 3 about 1.5 hours before the procedure, and although there was a little cramping, it was NOTHING compared to the first one. So you should be fine if you take those. Good luck!!

    Sorry about AF...


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