Monday, February 21, 2011

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy days of Summer...

...Oh wait, it's not even Spring. Who could tell though. It was below 0 degrees two weeks ago and this weekend it was 80 degrees out!!! I know it's not summer yet, but we had a lazy, sort of hazy, a little bit crazy sort of weekend. Read about it below.

Mary's boyfriend Zach is PCS-ing to England (they are both in the Airforce) in the next few weeks so we had a going away party on Friday night. I thought we were only going out for pizza, but we ended up at one of only two bars in town (they are both dives, but at least people don't get stabbed at the one we went to). I had a lot a couple of drinks and was mostly useless for the rest of the weekend although it does appear that we got stuff done when I write it all down. Because I've cut back to almost not drinking at all, this weekend was pretty rough. I will not be drinking again anytime soon. It doesn't agree with me.

We got a lot of stuff done around the house including pulling out potted plants from last season and a bunch of spring cleaning around the house. Plus a lot of laying around doing nothing. And I had my own personal Bones marathon on from Saturday night to Sunday night.

This weekend we moved some of the furniture around and into the house. However, we have more furniture than can fit inside and more than half has remained in one stall of our 2 car garage. Last weekend we bought a bunch of furniture from an estate in Albuquerque.

It's sort of an ironic story.
Stay with me here, it is sort of related to infertility...

Two and a half years ago when H and I moved in together (gasp...we weren't married yet) H's father brought some antique Ethan Allen furniture down from Colorado Springs for us. It was just a few bedroom pieces (a tall dresser, a long dresser and a nightstand) and I wanted a second matching nightstand. I couldn't find the right ones anywhere online and finally ended up posting on an Ethan Allen website what we were looking for. I had forgotten about doing so until a month ago when a woman e-mailed me.  She said that she had the nightstand I was looking for and it happened to be in Albuquerque, NM and Where was I? Little did she know I was in the same part of the country let alone the same state. She also said that she had a bunch of other furniture from that style and stain. We weren't sure about all of it, maybe just a couple of pieces, but we  drove up to Albuquerque, rented a U-Haul and ended up buying everything they had (including a dining room set, several more dressers, end tables, headboards bookshelves etc) and got it all at a fraction of the cost. They said that their mother would have wanted it to go to someone who would keep it all together (it reminded me a little of adopting brothers and sisters and keeping them together...why does everything make me think of infertility). She also gave us the copy of the catalog her mother ordered the stuff from and there is a cradle and a bassinet in the set. I guess this will be a future treasure hunt.

See picture below of how our animals agreed with our Lazy weekend...

Doodle sleeping on the dog pile

Iris in HER favorite chair

Meatball in HER favorite chair 

Side note: I took my all of my suits for dry cleaning in on Saturday morning under the assumption that it would be done by Saturday evening...I was wrong. I am now wearing the most uncomfortable pants known to man that I had to dig out of the back of my closet and had forgotten I even owned in the first place. They waist is actually at my bellybutton (a style definitely thought up by someone in the 1980's) and I look forward to donating these to Goodwill at some point in the near future.  Luckily with a shirt to cover the high waist, they don't look that bad to other people, I've actually gotten some complements, however, I'm wearing jeans the next time this happens and hoping I don't get fired.


  1. LOL, I hate when that happens with dress pants. I had the same issue a couple of months ago - those high waists are just no good!

    How fun to have a matching set of everything!

  2. So cool to have found all that matching furniture! I love the pics of all the dogs, so sweet :)

  3. I hear ya. Nothing like a rough morning to motivate you to cut back on drinking! lol

    I'm glad all that furniture found a new home with you. Great find!

    Your puppies are so adorable..

  4. I just love the pictures of your dogs. Sweet and lazy =)


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