Sunday, February 13, 2011

Not so fun possible early pregnancy signs?!?!

I googled it over and over, but can anyone definitively tell me if diarrhea is an early sign of pregnancy?

Between last weekend and today, either I'm pregnant, have food poisoning, or am dying...I mean...good lord!

Tomorrow or the next day is to be CD1. Ladies, Please keep everything crossed for us...that is, of course, everything but your legs!


  1. Ohh how exiting.. or not! I heard it can be but don't really take that source as the truth, guess everyone is different.

    Hope it's a good sign for you anyway.

  2. I hope it is!! My fingers and toes are crossed for you!!

  3. I never had it full out, but always looser stools.... Hopeing it means the same for you! (and not the urgency to o like if you are sick- instead just felt like a normal movement, and just ended up beeing looser). Sorry, that seems liek TMI!

  4. I'm not sure what that means, but in my opinion, anything out of the ordinary is a good sign!! Keeping everything crossed for you Michele!!


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