Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I could have told you that!!

I've seen him before, he has been my Gyno for about 2.5 years now but this just occured to me yesterday at my appointment.

My doctor slightly resembles Elmer Fudd.

Really he just looks like the kind of older doc you'd walk up to, put your arm around his shoulder and say "What's up Doc".  He should be retired and only works one day a week, but at one of my earlier appointments he told me that his brother helped to create the cardiac bypass surgery. I assume he is smart too because of his association with his brother and therefore I am willing to "place all of my eggs in his basket" so to speak.

My appointment with Elmer Fudd Doc yesterday was productive and unproductive at the same time.

Apparently we have "unexplained infertility"....well, duh, I could have told you that.

H's SA results came in yesterday morning and with a little convincing (OK, I outright lied and used the fact that I have a doctorate and can legally write Dr. in front of my name to my advantage) and got the VA to send his results directly to me. I hand carried them to my appointment. Surprisingly, they look good although the overall count was missing from the results the rest of the info looked good.

Doc says I "look like [I] ovulate". I take that to mean both that I have a soft, high, open cervix and by the looks of my BBT. Also, he did the secondary SA I talked to you guys previously about. Turns out (I googled this too just to check) it is a real thing. It's actually called a post coital test. You have sex 6-10 hours before your appointment. Doc set me up like for a pap smear and took a syringe and sampled my cervical mucus. He then literally ran down the hallway to a microscope to look at the sample. There were several sperm in many areas of the sample he looked at. I guess this determines if my cervical mucus supports sperm vitality. Mine does...yippee...why aren't we pregnant then?

Doc wanted to wait 3 more months "just to see" if it happens.

I said "not a chance".

We are moving forward now and assuming I won't get pregnant between now and then.

I have blood work in a week to check, insulin, thyroid, FHS progesterone, estrogen and probably a few other things but I stopped listening.

I also have an HSG if I get my period in 2 weeks. The HSG has to be booked in between my period and when I ovulate so as to avoid pushing endometrium or an embryo out my fallopian tubes and into my abdomen.

Side note: Massive problem avoided though when scheduling my HSG, I realized as I was booking the appointment that the local radiologist is one of my patients. I don't need one of my patients looking at my hooha. I will be scheduled with the other radiologist or the technician.

Second Side note: holy freaking snow Batman!!!! It is snowing in New Mexico, I had to use my coat sleeve to brush 3-4 inches off my car just to be able to get home.


  1. my parents are in Albuquerque, and there is some spots you can still see grass, and other places on thier property where the snow drifts are 4 feet high!

  2. Don't you love unexplained infertility? Glad your husbands tests came back normal!

  3. Your scheduled tests sound pretty much the same as mine. Isn't it insane how much there is to check, especially when after it all they can still say "Unexplained IF"? Frustrating.

  4. Well, it's great that things look good.. but how frustrating for the unexplained IF.

    Good of you for moving forward refusing to wait, and really great that the doctor listened to that.

  5. Sounds like things are really moving along! So many tests to get out of the way, but better to be safe and just make sure. I have an HSG in a few weeks too. Fun stuff :P


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