Thursday, February 17, 2011

The man in the moon is out to get me!!!

I love the moon, the man in the moon, the full moon and astrology in general. I love a starry night out here in the desert and I also love, love, love Starry Night the painting by Vincent Van Gogh, it has to be my favorite painting of all time. And I remember reading a story once about how women used to have their menstrual cycles with the cycles of the full moon. Maybe it was a movie, I don't know, but I found out more here that about 1/3 of women cycle in lunar phases at 29.5 days per cycle, more women than should be expected given random distribution. Given what's been going on without me knowing it, I'm not sure I love the moon as much anymore.

I chart my BBT, period, sex and many other things on ipad in a program called pink pad. It has its positives and negatives. I don't like that I can't print the graphs it creates, but I can easily access it to enter the numbers and such and don't have to go to the computer to do so (I'm a mess with papers too so I couldn't handle keeping a paper chart). What I realized today is that it also shows when there is a full moon and the stages right around a full moon. When I look back over the last few cycles and into the future into the predicted cycles, I realized that sure enough I cycle with the full moon!!! It made me wonder how long this has been going on, my cycle length varies by a few days and so does the full moon.

I remembered from that story/movie that you had to spend a lot of time cave woman style...for this to happen. I'm not really the camping kind of gal and in general, I'm not outside all that often so I'm not sure what's going on and why the man in the moon is out to get me.

Since I'm not really sure how this is happening (but I want to prevent AF at all costs (really I just want to be pregnant, not actually stop my period)) Whom of you can I recruit to help me shoot down the moon???????


  1. wow, that's so interesting! I've never heard of that before...

  2. I'll help you! I love astrology too, it's always been so interesting to me.

  3. Let's do it! Then we can write a book, "Goodbye Moon."

  4. Wow - that's pretty cool. It makes me want to look back at my cycles and see how they match up!


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