Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hey, does my chart look tri-phasic to you?

..only you girls would know what that means.

But seriously now, does it? I know that you are used to looking at fertility friend, but I use an app on my ipad...but you still get the gist.

I know it doesn't necessarily mean I'm pregnant (I googled it...a lot), but it has to be a relatively good sign. It's never looked like this before. Also, there is a definite ovulation dip and a possible implantation dip. All on approximately the right days. I'm 12 dpo, tested this morning (although I am usually not a tester, I had to test [said in a whining "I'm really not guilty" voice]<--see note below)

So here's the short version of my weekend with lots of pics.

I offered to host my boss' birthday party at my house. Her birthday is on St. Patrick's day but we are having an expo out of town both she and I will not be here.

H and I potted some plants on Saturday so things would look nice. Most of them have to be in the shade or they burn during the summer.
Back yard by back door: Croton, Oleander, Petunia 
Back yard other side of back door: Blue Nile lilies, Croton, Oleander
Back corner back yard: Petunia, A climbing plant that starts with B
Front porch: Iris (the dog) with potted petunias, last season's maple trees.

And put a new bush in the front yard-Iris helped- (the stupid neighbors let their dogs pee on our plants and it kills them so each year we put in a new one, this one is a little further from the sidewalk)

On Sunday (today) we had about 25 people over, so I made corned beef and cabbage, hot dogs and burgers, and a couple other random things. It was good food and good fun. I got totally sunburned (and now will have some horrible fantastic tan lines) after 2 days outside at 85+ degrees (don't you wish you lived here now, huh?)

Recipe I always use for these events

Easy veggie pizza: makes 12-15 individual appetizer servings depending on how you slice it.

2 cans crescent rolls, roll out flat onto a cookie sheet and twist together the seams, bake as though it were a pizza crust. Cook according to heat and time on can, poke with a fork and flatten with a spatula to keep it from puffing up as needed during baking. Allow to cool

Mix together 4 oz of cream cheese softened, 1/4 cup mayo, 1/2 cup sour cream (add more of each if you like more dip) and a package of powered ranch dressing or powdered ranch dip mix. Spread evenly across cooled crust.

Add any toppings you prefer, I usually choose, shredded carrots, broccoli and cauliflower florets, and then top with shredded sharp cheddar cheese.


Healthy substitutes can be used: Low fat cheese, low fat sour cream, smart balance mayo, low fat crescent rolls.

Slice with a pizza cutter, it's just easier.


  1. That food sound real good.

    Sorry, can't help with the charter, don't use it myself (plus I measure in celcius).

  2. I'm no good at charting so I'm no help there- sorry! Sounds like a wonderful weekend with some awesome fgood!

  3. That does look very promising!!! Did you test this morning?

  4. It looks good. I tracked my cycle using an app on my droid and I always had regular tri-phasic cycle that looked just like yours. That's a good sign if this is the first time it's looking like that. I had a small dip in my cycle that I thought was my temp dropping because I was going to get my period, but then it went up and stayed up! That was the first indicator for me that I was pregnant! Good Luck!

  5. I've never even attempted to chart my temperature. That's just too much work for me - I commend you for doing it though!

    I just "make" my husband "do me" every second day from day 8-18 lol.

  6. I think your chart looks great - when are you testing?

    Love the yard! Love the dish! :)


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