Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some Chemistry Experiment!

Really, doesn't infertility remind you a little bit of some chemistry experiment you did in high school/college? Or a really bad recipe?

Steps to include:

Take one cup of red raspberry tea to boost fertility
Add one pill of synthroid to balance the hormones (for hypothyroidism only)
Take daily pre-natal to make sure I get enough folic acid
Put butt at a 45 degree angle after sex to make sure the spermies know which way to go
Take BBT at exactly the same time each day in exactly the same place and apply to my very scientific chart
Check cervical mucus
Have sex wait-every other day-no wait-everyday...(stupid lab partner, can't you read the directions?!?!?!)

Substitutions can be made:

Use of menstrual cup to help spermies instead of keeping butt at 45 degree angle
BBT can be limited to just around time of ovulation if you so desire

Then of course you must also field questions from the professor and keep your cool while doing so:

"Have you been relaxing?"
"Maybe you're just not trying hard enough?"
"Are you sure you did it right?"

For fuck's sake, I'm no good at chemistry!!! I got a C in Chem 101 because I stopped going to class! I freakin' changed my major because I hated it so much!

Wait, is that a sign?

Better refer back to the textbook. Time to pick back up "Taking Charge of Your Fertility".

Any other suggestions?

Maybe it's time I hired a tutor? <--read R.E not a boy-toy on the side, I think H would be a little mad to say the least!!

Side note: AF came today, I could be a little bitter because of it.

Second side note: sorry if I'm cluttering your in-box, I just looked back and it seems as though I've had the urge to post nearly everyday all of the sudden.


  1. I love it! I need a freaking spreadsheet to figure out when I need to take what pill or vitamin and with what. Seriously, how do people have 'oops' pregnancies- I just don't get it!!

  2. You think like me...I've made a list once of all the things I should do, and I was like 'are you freaking kidding me!?' It will all be worth it though, right? Right? :P

    So sorry AF showed up. I was hoping so hard for you after seeing your chart...

  3. I love your posts and could read them every day so post away!! I also sucked at Chemistry (maybe it is a sign??) Happy St. Patty's Day!

  4. No worries about my reader. Write as much as you need to. I will keep reading!

    And there are just so many thing that we should do. It's overwhelming. I'm trying to stick to the ones that make me feel better. For example, I've been conisdering accupuncture. When I asked my RE about it, she said that it is good for relaxation, etc. A lot of people do it, but don't do it just because I think I should. Only do it if it appeals to me. And don't let people pressure you into doing it. I'm trying to embrace this philosophy for all the things on that long list.

  5. Ugh, sorry about CD1. It's always frustrating. :(

    Great post though. :)


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