Monday, March 28, 2011

The New Mexican Weather

I know I comment occasionally about the weather here, but I feel it deserves it's own post.

I grew up in the Midwest, we had 4 seasons and regular Midwestern weather. 

New Mexican weather can be crazy, but it is usually very nice. We have 2 seasons, summer and not summer. Read as hot and not so hot. There aren't very many days where I don't walk outside and say, "Wow, another gorgeous day outside!" There were a few crazy winter storms this year with actual snow, and the natural gas was out when it was -7 degrees Fahrenheit and we therefore had no heat, but again, that is rare and usually it doesn't get below freezing the entire year.

This is what I usually wake up to (view from the highway, not my backyard, taken last weekend)

However, we do live in the desert and weather fronts can kick up some nasty weather. Usually in the form of a dust storm. In the picture below, that's not clouds or rain, it's dust and it gets everywhere, in your mouth, in your eyes, on your skin and clothes, in the house, in your car, on the dogs...everywhere!

It also has a tendency to blow around tumbleweeds. Now, I thought tumbleweeds were just something made up for the movies, but no, they are real and prickly/scratchy, you use a rake to pull them out from under your car and hope they don't scratch the paint. Some are small and some are big. I once saw one as big as a VW beetle rolling across the Walmart parking lot. I tried to get a movie of one the other day to show you guys and managed to get hit by it, and yes it did scratch the paint on my Mercedes, see what I do for my wonderful readers!!!

You can't hear me cursing as I only did that after I shut the camera off, but then I chased it down the street in the car to get another video of it for you.

The weather is about 85 degrees outside now and I may decide to go lay out by the pool at a friend's apartment or out on base later this week (I don't know if they are open yet even though it is so nice).

Side note: there may be more posts like this in the near future as my fertility forays are limited right now while in my holding pattern, more on fertility after April 12<---my next meeting with Doc.


  1. LOL, I love that you chased a tumbleweed for your readers. :)

    We have some about an hour north and hour south of here, but they're not very common where i actually live. That was a big one!

  2. Your post made me a tad bit homesick for west Texas, where I grew up, and I hated living there. We had the crazy big tumbleweeds (they grew behind my house) and the horrible dust-storms too. Except our dirt was red, so the dust storms turned the sky pink. It was hideous. I love the pictures from the highway though! I have always loved NM, and am a bit jealous you get to see it every day. :)

  3. I grew up in Albuquerque, and my parents still live there, so they keep me updated with the 'crazy weather' that's going on! However, in SW Missouri, we had 80* last Monday, and snow 5 days later (last night)!

  4. Wow, that blue sky is gorgeous. I've never seen a tumble weed so huge!! You are a very dedicated blogger ;)


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