Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy belated ICLW!

Sorry for the delay in posting my initial ICLW welcome and info. Thank you to all of you who decided to stop by my little corner of the world (or blogosphere really). This is only my second ICLW, but I love the comradery that comes with blogging and commenting, so please leave me a note if you stopped by and I will be sure to follow the link and check out your place.

See the timeline above for nitty gritty details, but here is the gist...

Us: Married 2 years, TTC for 21 months, no pregnancies, no miscarriages

Me: Hypothyroid with slightly varied cycle length but regular ovulation

Him: Poor SA results in almost all categories likely due to varicocele, Varicocele repair 10/6/2011

Where are we now: Second IUI TODAY!!!! This time with clomid.

To my regular readers and those who are stopping in who want a real update,

I was able to get the IUI today and overall it went off without a hitch. Although, as usual there were a few hiccups (exactly as you would expect from my clinic). I feel like I shouldn't complain, as ultimately it all went well, but I'll leave it up to you guys to see what you think. Lulu wasn't at the clinic when we arrived at 11:55 for our 12:00 appointment to drop off the semen (and the clinic wasn't opening for anyone but me, so there was no one else there either). I had H call her on her personal cell and she acted like it was our fault for arriving early. Then, she was upset that H had to do the deed to produce his sample there in the clinic although this is what we did last time AND it is the only way she told us she would allow for us (we live an hour away and can not get here within the 30 minute deadline for drop off). When we came back an hour later for the actual IUI, at 12:55 for a 1:00 procedure, we waited until 1:00 in the waiting room (there was no receptionist or anyone else there). At 1:00, H demanded that I venture back towards Lulu's office to see what was up. She heard me coming down the hall and shouted to me from her office to have a seat in the waiting room and she would call me back when everything was ready. It wasn't but 2 minutes later that she came out all smiles and happy and took me to the room. I stripped and laid on the table and waited for her. She did the IUI with ease (and significantly less pain than last time, but still not pain-free) and then proceeded to stay in the room. She told us that she had scheduled us the way she had because her nephews 11th birthdays were today and she had to be at the party by 2:00 (Why she would cut it so close? I don't know.). I found this unusual and was a little peeved that I couldn't lay there and listen to my circle & bloom, but did get to ask a few questions, here are the answers.

Yes, it does look like I'm ovulating today, lots of cervical mucus and cervix was open and she doesn't expect as much bleeding as last time.

Yes, H's sample does look significantly better than last time, in fact it looked great (YIPPE YAY YAY YAY).

Yes, she is pissed that I couldn't come in for an ultrasound.

No, she won't allow me to have another unmonitored cycle.

Yes, she does feel that our odds are very good at getting our BFP this cycle, but if so, we should prepare ourselves for the possibility of twins.

Yes, she wants us to do an HPT and will order bloodwork if it is positive.

Yes, she plans to prescribe progesterone after a positive HPT to help prevent miscarriage (no, she doesn't ever prescribe it for the 2WW)

And that's all she wrote folks!!!!


  1. Great that your IUI went well and that your ovulating with such great sperm on the way :)) I love C&B... and would have been disappointed too... but hopefully you have plenty of listening time at home :) Sending you lots of sticky baby dust xoxo

  2. Yay! Sounds very promising.
    But those people at that clinic.. don't they want happy clients and a good reputation or what!?
    Hmm my clinic is the other way around with progesterone, saying I shouldn't need it any more. Strange how different it can be.

  3. Hello 2ww,,,,,never easy, but I'm sure a little more hopeful with a great sample this time. Nice! Are you nervous about having done the iui without the monitoring ultrasound to see follicle production? Kind of scary, but so exciting!! Good luck!

  4. First off, I'm glad you were able to get the IUI done and that it went fairly smoothly. That is AWESOME!

    That being said, your clinic (and Lulu) really seem to have their priorities fucked up. How come you, as the patient, are constantly having to be so proactive to make sure things are done for you the way they're supposed to be? It's ridiculous.

    Waiting until 14dpo to start P4 supps also makes no sense... if you have low progesterone, that's an issue DURING the 2ww as well. I guess supps from BFP onward is better than nothing, but it really is bizarre she won't let you be on them during the 2ww since they do no harm - only help. I'd still suggest looking for a different clinic.

  5. Yay!!!! I'm so glad you got your iui done at the right time. I do agree with Josie though...the progesterone can only help and I might push to get it started ASAP. Wishing you luck babe!!!

  6. I'm so glad this worked out for you! I wish I could meet Lulu and give her a piece of my mind! I am praying for you!

  7. I'm amazed (yet glad!) that they let you do the IUI without any monitoring u/s. Do you have any idea how many follies you had growing in there at all? Here's hoping for one or two healthy babies out of this round!

  8. I haven't kept up with you, so I thought I would drop by. Hope all goes well! Miss you guys. :D


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