Saturday, October 15, 2011

Should it be this hard?

I'm having difficulty with my clinic...again.

I was told that I could try clomid this cycle (After I sort of pushed the issue) to make sure that I could have an IUI this month. 

You see, my clinic gives me two choices:

1. Detect natural LH surge with OPKs and call in and they will do an IUI 24 hours later.

2. Have a follicle study done around expected ovulation, have a trigger shot after the scan as long as at least one follicle is larger than 18mm and an IUI done 24 hours later

My CNP, Lulu, and I decided that choice #2 was the best choice as I can not get out of work without at least 2 weeks notice. This way I could come for the scan, have them administer the trigger and have the IUI done the next day. I could take two half days in a row and let the office know 2 weeks in advance (the day AF started). Because I ovulate regularly, we figured that I would always have at least one follicle ready. Then my cycle threw a curve ball last month, it obviously affected our plan when I had nothing larger than 10mm on CD13. I did end up ovulating a few days later, but couldn't get out of work to have the IUI done. Call it stress...Call it bad luck...I don't know what happened.

Then this month we are having a problem again. I insisted on clomid for this cycle to make sure that I would have a chance of ovulating according to schedule. I take my last pill tonight. I was told that would be fine, but because I already ovulate we are worried about multiple follicles. I was told that we could not have sex after CD10 due to the high risk of multiples. But when I called to schedule my appointments last week when AF started, I informed the medical assistant that there is no way that I can come in this coming Friday due to work and asked if we could work out something creative, like a Thursday + Saturday type thing.

After playing phone tag a few times with the MA as the go between Lulu and I, this is what I was told: I am to call when I detect an LH surge via OPK to schedule the IUI 24 hours later and if that happens on Thursday for a Friday IUI, we will not be able to have the IUI.

I was not given the option of a 36 hour delay for IUI and I was told that they do not allow their patients to administer HCG at home.

So...are we no longer worried about multiple follicles?

Are we allowed to have sex regardless of the risk?

Am I going to show up to the IUI and have Lulu look at my chart only to cancel the procedure last minute?

What if the OPK is positive on Thursday, do I lie and tell them it was Friday so they do a Saturday morning IUI?

Do I call and ask to speak to Lulu directly? 

I don't know what to do! This just seems so much harder for me than for the rest of you!


  1. I know my situation is way different from yours but when I went through my IVF cycle, my clinic was ON ME. Like...they knew more about my cycle than I did. What about the other clinic? With the odd doc? Maybe he's got a better system?

    Maybe it's cause her name is Lulu...I feels like you're being kinda ignored/not taken seriously. I might be way off - in which case ignore me or swear a lot on my blog or something ;)

  2. Your office is really pissing me off! I can't imagine how frustrated you are. If I were you I would lie at this point, what else are you supposed to do? My clinic was so on top of things that they called me constantly. I am so sorry you are going through this.

  3. I think it's time to change clinics.....I administer hcg myself for iui and for timed intercourse. It's simple. As for this cycle, I say lie and time the iui for 36 hours. 36 hours from trigger is the earliest I would have them do iui post trigger. 24 hours if natural LH surge cycle. Hopefully you will get some results from that horribly frustrating.

  4. No it shouldn't have to be that complicated. They should want to work with you and also be a bit flexible. I have no experience with iui's and that sort of timing but this doesn't sound right. Hope you can figure it out so you'll have a chance this month.

  5. I am not sure what happened to my comment. BUt I am in abq which i know is very far from you, but the clinic is so wonderful and caring and so willing to work with us it is worth a call. (505)247-3333. We worked with Dr. Caperton but Dr. Thompson was just as fantastic. They may be more than willing to work something out with you. Can't hurt to make the phone call. if you have any questions.

  6. While I wouldn't normally advocate this kind of behaviour, but could you just call in sick to work on the day? I know you have patients and things but you need to put yourself first sometimes too.

  7. Your clinic makes no sense to me, especially with not allowing you to do the trigger shot. It's a simple shot that everyone else I know in the IUI/ttc world was allowed to give themselves at home. WTH?

    I'd honestly look for a new clinic. I know it's hard when you live in the middle of nowhere, but this clinic just doesn't seem to have their shit together.

    Also - my clinic (CCRM - one of the best in the world), does IUIs 36 hrs post trigger shot... I wonder what your clinic's reasoning is for 24 hrs? Frustrating. :(

  8. No, I don't think it should be this hard. We never did IUIs, went straight to IVF, but it seems to me that it is usually a much simpler process. It seems like your clinic is confused about what is going on, and if they don't know what is going on, how are YOU supposed to know and follow the protocol? Crazy. I hope you get your answers.

  9. I am so sorry...How FRUSTRATING! As if you don't have enough to think about already- they need to make this alot more seamless for you! I hope you get answers soon!

  10. Thanks for your comment and encouragement.

    I'm sorry things are so frustrating with your clinic. I don't think this process ever seems easy... although I really wish it was! Good luck with the cycle!!

  11. I'm sorry for not responding earlier this weekend when you posted. I follow you religiously, but have been a little under the weather.

    Anyhow, I agree with these other ladies that your clinic seems to be a bit off with the rules. I really don't have experience other than what I read on these blogs, but just the basic foundation of good patient care seems to be missing. Hopefully something changes dramatically soon.


  12. They sound really difficult to deal with... as if this IF thing is not already so hard to deal with ! So sorry to hear that you're going through this... they should be more flexible and work in with your schedule more. I would try to speak with Lulu directly... then it might be more possible to work out a better solution that you're happy with. I've always found it really frustrating to be dealing with second hand info via other people... then when I speak with my FS, it all seems to work out. Thinking of you xoxo


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