Saturday, October 8, 2011

Help!...Anniversary...What to do?

So...Monday is H and I's 2nd wedding anniversary.

I was hoping to have some good news to give him by way of a positive pregnancy test, but as that is unlikely given the outcome of all of my last 20 cycles, I think I'll have to come up with something else. (I'm waiting until Monday morning to test)

He is still recovering from his varicocelectomy and really sort of home bound. On that note, as far as we know, things went well. We won't know the true outcome for several months. He is more comfortable than he has been for many of his previous surgeries, but still in a bit of pain and can't find a good position to rest in.

The surgery required an incision about 3.5 inches on his left side, right where his leg meets his torso. Then the surgeon goes through his abdominal wall down into the scrotum and ties off/removes the enlarged veins. In H's case, they also checked for an inguinal hernia that we have suspected for awhile but found nothing. The procedure took about a half hour. H's dad did come down from Colorado to accompany him to the surgery and bring him home. He stayed for 2 days and was a huge help with H. 

Back to our anniversary...

I know he has nothing planned for us (he's not really able to keep secrets) but I feel like we should celebrate in some small way. For our 1 year, I made us dinner at home (which I typically do anyway) and we enjoyed, sort of, the defrosted topper of our wedding cake. I need some help on this one, any ideas are greatly appreciated...I really have none of my own ideas for this. Please keep in mind the following:

1. He might be able to leave the house for a short period of time, unless something changes drastically between now and then, but nothing that involves extended standing (reclining is his favorite position right now)
2. All action "down there" is strictly forbidden, and entirely undesirable to H.

Really, any sweet simple ideas would be appreciated.

What did/do you do for your wedding anniversary early on in your marriage?


  1. We just celebrated our 2 year anniversary as well. Had a nice dinner out at a new restaurant. Since he can't move around a ton - maybe just a nice dinner at home (take out?) and a good movie cuddled on the couch :)

  2. Oh, Happy Anniversary. Lot's of them going on now =) Well, maybe a nice dinner at home would fit since he still recovers from surgery. And/or a present, something he really wants. Glad it went well for him and hope for a good outcome.
    Sorry don't have any bright ideas here..

  3. Defrosted wedding cake just isn't quite the same, is it? We usually go out to dinner. Four our second, we wandered around a coastal town for the afternoon, and then did dinner. This past year, it was the night before our first retrieval. We still managed dinner, but that was it!

    So clearly, one of your best options is a nice dinner at home. I was also thinking movies, but maybe like a marathon of a favorite movie series, or movies that you guys loved early in your relationship. You could give him a nice massage too. Or prep a bubble bath (not sure if that would be allowed with incisions and such).

    Hope you have a great anniversary, and hope his recovery continues smoothly!

  4. We just celebrated our first year a couple weekends ago, except we didn't plan very well and ended up camping with my parents. We also ate the top tier of the cake, and that was it. So we decided to plan something else on a different weekend and act like that was our anniversary. We got one of those Groupon things for a weekend away in the mountains - less than a hundred bucks. Maybe do something like that... as in plan something romantic for a time when he's feeling better? Make him dinner on the actual date, and then plan something together for another time.

    Good luck with everything - glad he made it through the surgery well!


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