Monday, October 31, 2011


So, what did you do this weekend?

I've now attended 2 Halloween parties and tonight is finally Halloween. I feel like I've adequately milked this holiday this year for all that it is worth. Because October is my favorite month and I love fall, I do get into Halloween. I typically make my own Halloween costume, so here is this year's costume (H played along too) but we didn't win the costume contest. A co-worker's daughter was the cutest little bride you've ever seen and she won hands down.

Get it?!?!? I'm a cupcake and he's the baker
 On Sunday, we went to re-qualify for our concealed carry license. H thought that I wouldn't make the cut as I haven't been to the shooting range in over a year. We went to the range to practice on Saturday and I couldn't hit the broadside of a barn. I was a little nervous on Sunday but then when we went to the class (for a 15 minute refresher) I knew all the answers to the test questions. And when we shot, we were much closer to the target then H had me practicing at. We expressed our concern to the teacher, prior to my shooting, that we didn't think I'd re-qualify. After I shot, he said "I wouldn't want to break into your house!"
We shot from two distances, the line by my elbow and the line by my knees
I punched a hole through the target!!!!
So...That's what I've been up to lately.

Otherwise, I'm just still in the middle of the 2ww.


  1. Nice shooting!!! And good luck making it through the TWW- you're almost done, right?

  2. Wow... cupcake to shooter - what a great transformation :)) You must have many talents :) Happy Halloween and thinking of you every day of your 2WW xoxo

  3. Cool stuff! and good to keep busy during the 2ww.

  4. Update this girl! Where are you in the 2ww now? Was thinking of you this morning before I got your comment :)


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