Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sushi Experiments

So after some of your suggestions, I decided upon what to do for our anniversary last night.

I embarked on a homemade Sushi Experiment. California rolls only, no raw seafood experiments at home!!!

After work, I ran over to a local Asian food store and picked up the nori (seaweed), daikon (pickled radishes), sushi rice and rice vinegar. Then I went to the regular grocery store across the street to get avocados, sesame seeds and soy sauce. Then I had to go to Walmar.t to get the imitation crab meat. I already had cucumbers and carrots (which I didn't use) at home. 

After a little running around, I ended up with a few more ingredients than I expected. I probably spent about $30 but have enough nori for many future sushi experiments.

The bag with the yellow circles is the pickled radishes, I was told by the lady at the store that they are necessary

After cooking the rice, chopping the veggies and some experimentation with assembly, I came up with some pretty good rolls. They look pretty professional to me.
This was roll number 4, I brought it to work today
After dinner, H had to do homework. So I hung out on the couch with the dogs.

We did decide that we are going to frame one of our wedding pictures (finally) as our gift to each other. Also, H decided that he needs a new gun...whatever.

On the TTC front, I am trying to schedule my next follicle scan and IUI, I am having trouble doing so because of the whole 24 time difference thing that is required between HCG trigger and IUI and not being able to get out of work next Friday. I am waiting to hear back to see if they can come up with some creative solutions for me such...oh, well, I don't know...maybe the typical 36 hour waiting period with an ultrasound on Thursday, an at home injection and a Saturday IUI.

Meanwhile, today I have received a call from the local "Creepy" doc that their IUI kits finally came in. I am considering going to him for the next few IUIs if I stimulate properly from clomid. That way he is in town and convenient (sort of). However, they do NOT do follicle scans and I sort of want to see how I respond to clomid before just jumping into the possibility of triplets.


  1. Are you sure you want to schedule the trigger and IUI now, instead of waiting to see how long it takes the follies to mature? There's no standard amount of time where that happens, more like a window, and I'd hate for the date to not work out like it did last time. Also, clomid can cause some people to o later than usual. I know you're triggering, but if it makes you naturally o later, then it would reason that the follies develop slower.

    Food for thought. Hope it all works... all of it!

  2. Ooh - neat idea! We got a sushi rolling set as a wedding gift and have never used it. Maybe that's what I'll try for our next anniversary. :)

    Ugh, good luck timing everything - it might be worth it to try the local creepy doc, just for scheduling reasons, though it definitely would be a good idea to know how your body responds to Clomid...

  3. Those look awesome- good job girl!!

  4. What a fun anniversary idea- nice work!

    As for the IUI scheduling, what a pain in the rear! I agree that you should see what happens in there with clomid before trying it without monitoring.

  5. Happy anniversary!!! What a fun idea. those looked super yummy! i indulged in some Cali rolls sunday night...I am addicted to sushi :)

  6. I love sushi! I have seen some places have a special 'set' for pregnant women =)
    Good luck with the scheduling of next iui! It doesn't feel like it's suppose to be that hard though..

  7. Hi... here from Cyclesistas :) Looks like I'll be 'cycling' with you over Oct/Nov... YUM - love sushi too :) Hope your appt scheduling goes well and I love to see scans too - helps with the anxiety. I have a private blog but happy for other IF/IVF and BLMs to join... just email me or comment on my updater blog {newyearmum2.blogspot.com} and I'll send you an access link :)) xoxo

  8. That looks fantastic! YUM! Yay for October. I hope this is IT for you guys.


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