Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I might be losing my mind

I think that this two week wait is harder than any before because of the possibility of me actually being pregnant. But at the same time it's easier because of that actual possibility.

Either way, my mind is constantly consumed with the thoughts Am I or Am I Not?!?!?!?!

It keeps me from functioning normally. As I was leaving work yesterday, I stopped at the fridge in the break room to pick up my lunch that I hadn't eaten so that I could take it home. I already had my car keys in hand. So after I closed the fridge door, I kept pressing the lock on my car keys...like the fridge was actually going to lock...I didn't realize it but I was waiting for the fridge to either beep or flash it's headlights at me.

Am I losing it or what?


  1. LOL I totally have done that before. But I was pretty drunk and was trying instead to click my way through the front door to my house. :)

    Keeping my fingers crossed for ya lady!

  2. Ah, the madness of the two week wait. I think it has made me have ADHD. I have lost all ability to concentrate, even when I'm not in it anymore!

  3. Yeah, you're totally 2ww crazy :) It happens to all of us, don't sweat it. Hang in there, crazy lady.

  4. Haha I think confusion is a great sign!!

  5. LOL! I love that. I'm always doing stuff like that, 2WW or not! Good luck and happy ICLW!

  6. Funny story! The 2WW is so hard...so hope it goes quickly for you and there is a BFP at the end!

  7. Great story! I think 2ww would always drive me crazy after a procedure. You are always wondering the what ifs.

    Stumbled upon your blog from the ICLW. Funny random fact is my DH and I met in NM and my in laws still live there. DH and I hope someday to move back. Oh, how we miss NM.

    Best wishes!

    ICLW #21- Donor Diva

  8. Know how you feel... I've done all sorts of crazy things when I've been distracted by the thought of being PUPO and whether it's really going to work. FXd for you and your embies xoxo


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