Sunday, June 12, 2011

First Dream...

 I had my first pregnancy/BFP dream a few nights ago. I'm nearing the end of my TWW and have tested on 10 dpo and 13 dpo with BFN's both times, I'm now 15 dpo. I'm not testing again. I'm feeling crampy and bloated and AF is due tomorrow. I think I'll wait it out.

...In my dream...
I woke up and decided to test, I usually pee before I remember to test, but this time I thought I'd get one out my last stick and check it out. I dipped it in the cup and it immediately showed two lines...I thought Yay!!!! Finally!!! But...I didn't really believe the results. Without waking H up, I ran to the front door and picked up the box of more tests that I had ordered, they had apparently been delivered overnight and were sitting outside. I tediously opened each one (about 50 or so) of the internet cheapies. Then I took a handful of the tests and dipped them all in the pee cup. I had it in my head that if one of them was negative than I was not pregnant, but if they were all positive then I was in fact pregnant. I pulled them all out after the required 5 seconds and lined them up on the edge of the tub. Before checking the results, I went back to wake H up to call him in to show him the results. Before I woke him up, I decided I was being a little crazy and should check the results before I woke him...however, on the way back to the bathroom, I woke alarm went off.

First dream about a BFP.

Maybe this would be a creative way to tell H if it should ever actually happen. I do have only one stick left...but I haven't ordered more. Nor do I think Fe.d E.x delivers at night.


  1. Okay...not that anything I did should be a basis for explaining anything, but that's exactly how I knew I was pregnant - each time. Dreaming about it.

    Wishing you no visiting relatives and a positive test on Tuesday!!!

  2. I hope hope hope your dream comes true!!

  3. Crossing my fingers for your dream coming true!!!

  4. Hmm you wrote this Sunday, it's now Tuesday and I'm really curious!


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