Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Infertile Knitter

So I've been spending time during my 2WW knitting.

This sort of feels like a confession, but I swear it's not that bad. I've been knitting hats and blankets.  But (I swear) they are for other people's kids. I'm not yet assembling a stockpile for my own future child.  I can see how quickly this could get out of hand though.

Mary's daughter got a purple plum hat (knitted from an apple hat pattern)...sorry the picture is blurry she wouldn't stop running around long enough for me to get a normal picture, but you get the point, she likes the hat. Now granted it's 107 degrees out daily, Mary keeps her house at a particularly cool temp-wise, so Junebug can wear it indoors now instead of waiting for the once yearly snow that we get.

Any knitters out there can find this pattern at:

Also, my receptionist's daughter just had her 3rd baby today and I knitted a simple-eyelet hat for her (see, I can play nice with the fertiles). I started knitting on her due date a week ago and gave it to my receptionist yesterday, perfect timing. Her daughter gave birth to a little girl named Chloe today at 10:15-7lbs, 12 oz, 19 inches long and perfectly healthy as far as I know. This is my last day traveling to this office so I probably won't get to see her, or get to see pictures, all the better though from my infertile standpoint. So here's a pic of the hat, it's on a decorative ball I have at home which I thought would be perfectly baby-head sized.

Kniters out there can find the pattern at:

Side note: 2WW started today, maybe I'll start another knitting project, maybe a blanket with a matching hat this time. Or maybe a pirate's hat for Mary's son.


  1. Those are adorable! Look at you, being nice to the fertiles..I'm impressed.

    Yay for the TWW! Let the countdown begin..

  2. I've always wanted to learn how to knit! One of these days...

    Kudos for being nice to fertiles. :)

  3. So cute!!! I wish I knew how to knit, it's amazing to me the things people can make. I hope your 2ww goes quickly!

  4. what a fun hobby. i remember in college a few friends of mine were learning and i was so hesitant. now when i have free time i've caught myself wishing i had a hobby like knitting that i can do indoors. you may have sparked a new fire in me...we'll see.

  5. I want to learn how to knit! Don't be embarrassed- it's a talent. :)


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