Monday, June 27, 2011

I changed my mind... that ok?

I've said in a previous post that I can follow infertile turned pregnancy blogs. This is still true of continuing to follow blogs of people who I followed for a while before they got pregnant. I truly am so excited for those girls who's stories I can relate to, to those who's journey I have followed with their ups and downs. Their success really feels like conquering infertility.

However, I can not continue to follow a blog I just started and they immediately become pregnant. I don't think this applies to any of my regular readers...but if it does and I stop following, I'm sorry in advance. As far as new blogs go, when they get their BFP, I'm just not interested, I'm not invested in their story and I simply don't care enough to make any sort of kind comments. They are just one more pregnant woman to me, not really an infertile who finally got her BFP.

Is this mean?

I don't think it is.

I sort of relate it to those of you who become pregnant, trying to relate back to those who still haven't gotten their BFP. If you followed their story, you want to see it through. They will become pregnant and you can cheer them on. But I can't imagine that you would start to follow someone's blog who is new to infertility.


  1. Not mean. Totally feel you on this one. If I've been following, I can stick with, but otherwise, not right now. Thanks.

    ~ Jen fron Violetta posting from work where explorer continutes to be a jerk.

  2. Not wrong at all :)

    In a land of loss and acceptance, I think you just gotta do what you gotta do. I've done the same on a few blogs. Just remember this is your space to do with as you choose. No judgments (hopefully) from anyone.

  3. LOL, totally not mean. Just honest. Even now, I was newly following a blog who got her BFP right away and I've dropped it. Like you said - if you're not already invested in their journey and their's hard to remember that they're an IFer as well.

    There is such a strange, hard to find balance in this TTC world of what's okay to you... to your mind and your heart. What you can hear/read about and what you can't. Good luck finding that balance!

  4. You're not alone on this one! I feel the same way. As hard as it is for 'outsiders' to understand, I really consider you all as of course I would continue following your journey. But if it happens too soon, it's just not worth it to me. It's a fine balance I guess..

  5. Yes you can change your mind and no it's not mean. I feel the same about this. I think you come to a point where enough is enough and you can't be polite and miserable at the same time. It has to be genuine interest, it's also suppose to be fun.

  6. Been there, done that. I had started to follow a blog that had a really great poster but she had only been TTC for just over a year and got pg on her second try w/o ART. I kept trying to follow, but just couldn't. Those of us that have been trying for at LEAST 2 years plus are in a different place emotionally and can't connect with someone who complains about having a hard time for 1 year. It's NOT the same. So no judgments here. As Tracy said above, this is YOUR space to do with as you please. Own it sister! :)


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