Thursday, June 2, 2011

Which would you choose?

I went for my second opinion appointment today and it wasn't quite what I expected.

He doesn't dumb things down and but still explains things while staying on my level. He is also full of random useless facts, interesting enough though to someone who combs the internet for such info.

I couldn't get a copy of my records from the other office in time for the appointment, but it turns out that was ok. Somehow the two offices are both affiliated with the local hospital and because I had my b/w done there as well as HSG he has access to the records. I also took him copies of my BBTs and he said he hadn't looked that BBTs in years (GREAT...said sarcastically). The only thing we were missing was H's SA records from the VA.

I relayed an accurate account of my vag's history over the last year and half, and he agreed that 16-17 cycles was enough to assume nothing was going to happen naturally.

He then blindsided me by suggesting a laproscopy to have a look around inside. I must have had some crazy look on my face because he felt the need to justify it. He suggested that I might have endometriosis that is not showing any external signs. He also stated that it helps him (if the laproscopy is done during the LP) to see if an egg is actually extruded during ovulation (I guess they can get stuck). He indicated that he could also see if the fallopian tube was able to catch the egg (or those little finger things, whatever they're called). He either really knows what he's talking about or he's completely full of crap, I didn't even know that these things could be a problem!

I then asked if there was some less invasive next step we could take because I believe that EWCM production is my problem. So he agreed to take a look...right now...I was less than...ahem...prepared, but nonetheless climbed on the table spread eagle. He took a sample of my CM and swabbed it on a glass slide and left to look at it under the microscope. He came back to report that he agreed!!! YAY!!! That underproduction of CM might be the problem. (I forgot to mention that he first told me that cryosurgery couldn't contribute to a change in CM production, bah...I was right again...I'm on a roll!!!)

He agreed that an IUI that would bypass the need for CM might be the next best step. However, he told me that the company that makes the majority of the IUI kits for the US recently went out of business and there was a national shortage. Has anyone else heard of this?!?!?! He said that he doesn't expect more kits until July. He did say that there was a way to use a centrifuge to do the same thing, but that he was out of practice on that method, I think I'll wait.

I guess that means finishing this cycle and another before anything happens. He said that he would call me when he knew more about what was going on. We'll see how that goes.

So next up on my list of things to do is a IUI + Clomid (low dosage for timing rather than causing ovulation).

Side note: New Doc told me that the IUI kit that they use removes all seminal fluid so that they can essentially introduce just sperm to the ute. I don't think he was suggesting it, but he said that they used to just put the semen directly into the ute, but that in some women it caused anaphylatic shock!! thanks...I'll wait for the kits to arrive.


  1. Yeah, I think I would wait too. Even though the waiting sucks! If the lap is not needed before doing IUI then you can skip that. If there's nothing that they can find, like endo, can increase the chances of success that is!? Hmmm, tricky if so.. hope you'll get some more useful info soon.

  2. sorry...decrease the chances I mean!

  3. I'm so glad this guy sounds like he knows what he's talking about! Yay for IUI but boo that it has to wait until July.

  4. Hm...I'm probably biased b/c I truly think that CM issues were probably our main issue and that IUI helped to bypass that (I also had cryo 10 yrs ago). I think you should hold out and try IUI before moving up to lap (especially if your insurance doesn't cover the lap).

  5. IUI sounds way better than having your tummy extended with gas while someone pokes, and potentially scrapes, around in your tubes. Just my thoughts. :) Any reason that preseed isn't working if it's just ewcm problems? Also (sorry if this is way too personal), are you near ovulation? Isn't that the time to check? I'm living vicariously through you because I still haven't made an appointment for my second opinion.


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