Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How is hope still possible?

AF came today, and yes it sucks.

However, it has yet to be soul crushing for me. I didn't cry, in fact, I have never cried when I found out that a cycle was a bust. I somehow still hold out hope that it will happen for me naturally. I mean, I guess I still think it will happen that way since there is no obvious reason it shouldn't. I think I would be significantly more disappointed if my cycles were medically assisted in some way when they result in a BFN and AF.

It also helps that I realize gradually that she's coming. I have light cramps for a few days followed by a drop in BBT for a day or two. I can convince myself that I am pregnant from these signs but know in the back of my mind that I'm not. I guess that is one of the benefits to BBT-ing (because other wise it could easily make a person crazy). Although my 16 day LP tricked me into thinking this might be my month.

Only one more cycle before my first (and hopefully only) IUI.

Side Note: New BBT posted, check that page above to analyze it


  1. temping totally helped the insanity for me on those BFN cycles...the temp below the coverline just helped me to prepare my psyche I guess.

    hoping that you're one of "those people" who gets their BFP just before more aggressive treatment!!

  2. I am still hoping that you won't need that IUI :)


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