Sunday, February 10, 2013

3 for 3

I just got a call from the doctor, and after I updated my husband (who has since flown home) and my parents (who are still here) I thought I'd let you all know how things are going.

All 3 embryos are still growing. 2 are 7 cells and look very similar and good. 1 is only 4 cells but still looks like a good quality. I don't have the gradings because I didn't ask and wouldn't know their system even if I did ask.

The plan is still to transfer 1 day 5 embryo on Tuesday!

Ladies, please keep everything crossed for another few days. Especially think of our little 4 cell embryo, we would really like to have multiple more opportunities from this cycle.



  1. Fingers crossed for sure!!! 3 for 3 is great!

  2. That is wonderful! Fingers crossed and sending growth vibes all the way to LV!

  3. I have everything crossed!

    My twins started out as a 6 cell embryo and a 4 cell embryo, both with a lot of fragmentation. So...the quality of the embryo isn't as important as you would think :) Even crappy ones can become awesome kids.

  4. Sending all kinds of good thoughts your way! Hope the transfer goes well tomorrow.


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