Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thursday is a good day, right?

I had my E2 and ultrsound again today.

Doc said he saw 10 follicles today that should be good. The smallest is around 12mm, but might get to 15 by the time of retrieval. I'm getting nervous now.

My E2 yesterday was 1175, don't know what it was today as the labs weren't done before I left.

I do my trigger tonight at 10 and have to show up at the clinic on Thursday at 9:15.

I'm lucky in that my mom is going to do the trigger for me. My twisting skills aren't up to par to do it myself, but I think I'll have to buck up and do the progesterone myself. Although I do have the PIO and suppositories, don't know which I will be using yet. My parents came to Vegas yesterday and will stay at least through retrieval, maybe even transfer. My dad wants me to do the trigger in the hallway of the hotel so that he doesn't have to watch, I told him that he could go stand in the hallway while we do it instead of me baring my ass to the whole hotel. The way the Luxor is laid out is such that I would literally be visible to the entire atrium of the hotel. It's also nice to have my parents here because they drove in from LA, so we have a car now.

Nate flys in tomorrow around noon. He'll be here just in time for his part in this whole thing and is staying through Saturday morning before he flies back. He has school and the dog sitter is expensive. He is also expensive when he is in Vegas. He would like to be here for the transfer, but it just isn't that important in the long run.

On a different note, I hurt my ankle...badly. I walked a long way down the strip when I got here the first night. I did something, I don't know what, just right to pull a small tendon on the outside of my right foot, just under the ankle. It has progressively gotten worse. Each day we take a walk down the strip to look around, but I can't walk without it hurting without walking on my tip toe. It is starting to make other muscles hurt. I think I'm going to take tomorrow off and do some work from my computer while I let my parents explore.

Side note: thanks for the advice on the meds, but what I forgot to mention was that there is no mini-fridge in the room. Thus the problem. It costs extra to have one added or to get an upgrade to a room that has one. ($18 per night for a fridge, or a $25 per night upgrade). Just enough to make it seem like a lot of money on top of the fortune we have already spent and continue to spend on food. We have gotten by thus far by cramming my remaining follistim, progesterone suppositories, and Lupron in the bottom of the ice bucket. Then we fill the bag with ice and put it on top. It seems to keep it cool enough without freezing it, as long as it is changed every few hours. My mom has been changing it and bringing me ice for my ankle, which unfortunately isn't really helping with the pain. For right now, I plan to pack the now liquid ice packs I brought with me in my checked luggage. I will then take the bag of ice in my lunch box and empty it right before security and then get more ice when through security.

Second  Side note: We have been traveling off strip to eat dinner, which saves money, but it is still eating out. God bless my parents who have been buying my food each meal. They also insist on paying for part of the hotel, which I have insisted is my treat (I would have had to pay for it whether they came or not).  We ate at a place called the Blue Ox and had the best Nacho Appetizer that I have ever had. I think it was the fresh chips fried right before serving.

Third Side note: Menopur bruises, it doesn't matter what I do, that stuff gives me welts! It looks like I have been pinched or beaten where I injected it the 3 times. All the other injections leave a pin prick.


  1. First off, I had to laugh at your "my husband is expensive in Vegas" comment, b/c that is SO my husband as well. He is incapable of not dropping tons of money on 3 card and all you can eat buffets!

    Secondly, let your parents spoil you! They're hurting b/c their little girl is hurting, and this is something they can do to "help." Accept it. I bet they'd even pay to have the fridge in your room the final night so that you don't have to stress about your meds on your travel day!

    Thirdly, Thursday is a GREAT day for an ER! I can't believe it's here already!! Thanks for all the udpates Michele - I have everything crossed for you.

  2. Thursday!!!

    Don't worry about meds being refrigerated. For the most part, they are only kept cold as a precaution against bacteria because they are multi use vials, not because the meds will break down at room temp or anything.

    I'll be thinking about you! People around here will be thinking of winter storm Nemo, but I'll be thinking of you :) Best of luck!!!!!!!!!!! XXX


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