Thursday, February 14, 2013

One snowflake

I was very nervous all day today. I knew I had to talk to the doc to find out one way or another. I had to call, and so I did. However, I was told that he was in consultations all day and I could leave a message.

Even though I didn't want to hear the results by e-mail, I wanted to hear as soon as possible and everyone at that office is great about responding to e-mail. So I sent the message...and proceeded to check my e-mail every 5 minutes.

I got a response faster than I thought, and from the doc himself.

We have one little snowflake on ice. A grade II expanding blastocyst! (rating unknown)


  1. Expanding blast is GREAT. Hopefully you won't need to thaw it for a couple of years? :)

  2. yAY!! I'm glad you have one on ice (for #2 someday!).


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