Sunday, February 17, 2013

Beta #1 Tomorrow

I have about 50 cheapo HPTs under my bathroom sink. I could have tested multiple times everyday since I got back home. However, I decided against it.

I didn't test out my trigger and didn't want to risk a false positive.

Also, I'm just not ready to know if it is negative.

I go for my beta tomorrow. I'm just going to the local lab, so I can go anytime, because of work, I will be going first thing in the morning. I will be 11dpo, 6dp5dt.

If it is positive we will hope for a good doubling time on wednesday, if it is negative, I don't know what that means! Is it to early? I go for another beta on Wednesday regardless.

I hope to keep my calm while I wait for the doctor to call with the result sometime tomorrow. At least I convinced Nate that I should go to the lab at the local hospital which does in-house lab work, verses going to the cheaper lab that has to send everything out and could take 48 hours to get the results.

Side note: PIO is a real pain in the ass!


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  1. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow and hoping for good news!

  2. Heck with the tests, enjoy being PUPO :) 11dpO is early to test, most clinics don't test until 14dpo. If you're pregnant (please, please) you'll get a positive, just don't expect it to be the number of a 14dpo beta. Everything crossed!!! xxx

  3. I am hoping and praying for good news tomorrow!! Waiting is so hard and PIO is the worst!! Good luck girl!

  4. Eeek!! I've been thinking about you every day! I agree with Chickenpig - remember that beta numbers can be really low at 11dpo, and that isn't a bad thing. SO excited for you right now!!

    (I used this website - not sure if it helped or made me more neurotic, but there ya go...)

  5. Thinking of you and hoping for good news with your next update!


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