Tuesday, August 9, 2011

And we finally have a plan!

So I finally had the follow up appointment with Lulu over in "the big city".

She had reviewed all of the testing she had requested and declared me officially normal!!! Well at least fertility-wise.

She believes I ovulate regularly, in fact, very regularly since getting my thyroid figured out. I have had a 28-29 day cycle with ovulation on day 13-14 since April. I was finally able to get a little excited that this might actually happen for us.

But her analysis of H's SA results was the same as my novice evaluation of the results. Not good...not bad, but not good. He is borderline on every single thing. The two tests he has had done look very similar. She was apparently unaware (although I know it is in my file and that I brought it up last time) that he has a diagnosis of Vericocele. She said his numbers were actually great given that diagnosis.

H was there with me at the appointment and got involved in a discussion with her about whether there was anything he could do to improve his numbers to help things. She suggested some vitamins. He told her that he was already on an assortment of vitamins (he is a personal trainer and is a distributor for his own supplement company) and she believes his numbers might already be as high as they can be without surgery due to the vitamins he is already on. Because of his high numbers, she wanted more information on the vitamins he takes and if they seem comparable to the ones she typically recommends she will refer patients to him for his vitamins. His are whole food vitamins instead of synthetic and because of this, the results of taking the supplements are superior. Seems odd to be getting business from the fertility specialist, but hey, if it pans out it will help us pay for her services.

Regardless of if his nubers change or not, she said that IUI was the way to go for us right now.

Given that my cycle is regular she gave us two options for IUI.

1. Track ovulation and LH surge with OPKs at home and then call to schedule an IUI within 24 hours

2. Come in on CD 13, do a dominant follicle study (read as: fun with the dildocam) if I've already ovulated that day, do an IUI that day, if not (hopefully not) she will administer a shot of HCG, that I am to pick up at the pharmacy and bring with me, and do an IUI the next day.

We chose #2 as that way I can schedule my patients around my own doctors appointments and not have to reschedule my patients last minute.

She did forewarn me that typically success is low on IUI #1 (boo), but that our odds are pretty good because there are enough sperm and I am ovulating regularly (Yay!). She also told me that because I am not really going to be on meds, we can do IUI's repeatedly cycle after cycle until I am pregnant without skipping cycles. This might be hard emotionally, so I am preparing myself mentally in advance for doing this every cycle through December before taking a break.

I am ecstatic over the outcome of this appointment and finally feel that we will be actually doing something to get pregnant instead of just waiting to see if it happens! I don't really get that upset over each BFN, but do feel that overall my mood has been a little depressed and after this appointment I feel much better!

So we are just waiting on AF who should arrive today or tomorrow. If she comes on time, things will be starting on August 22! I'm so excited! I know I've seen other people say how excited they are for AF to show so that they can move ahead with other procedures and all I have to say is ditto!


  1. You're normal- yay!! Glad the appointment went well and good luck with IUI #1!!

  2. Yay for getting the all-clear! It's about time someone let you go ahead with IUI. So exciting! If you ovulate close to CD14, it might be a good idea to go in for an u/s on CD12. Because if you're egg is ready to go, you would trigger that night for a CD14 IUI (usually done 36hrs later) Just a suggestion!

  3. Yay for a plan! Praying for your IUI. Good luck!

  4. Hurray for a plan! Lets hope your cycle plays ball now.

  5. How awesome to finally have a plan in place!! I agree with Amanda regarding timing as well.

  6. Congrats on having a plan!

  7. Doing a happy dance for you =) How exciting! And so soon as well.. best of luck.

  8. We have very similar plans! I think I'm going to put my first IUI off for a few months, so hopefully I'll be right behind you. :) Good luck getting that appointment. Sorry it's been a little frustrating. I'm really excited about following your journey!


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