Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What to do today...

 ...I think I'll go have an IUI.

So yesterday's appointment went great. I had my first experience with the transvaginal wand for my US and folicle count. I told wandy that all you guys said "hi".

I think my numbers were good, but what do you think? Let me remind you that this was a natural cycle.

Lining was at 8mm
Lefty-12 measurable folicles, largest one at 22mm, no others above 18mm, most others around 10-14mm
Righty-6 measurable folicles, largest one at 18mm, no others above 18mm, most others around 7-10mm

Lulu decided to go ahead with the HCG shot (yes I got it in time, last minute and took it with me) For those inquiring minds, I don't think the brand name was specifically chosen for me, I asked for Nova.rel because I knew that that was the one that they had. Monica administered the shot and I think she was getting back at me for rescheduling my last appointment so many times because it hurt like a bitch! One shot in each butt cheek of 5000 units HCG. Made the hour drive back home fantastic.

Assuming things go well, Lulu said that odds are good for twins with those size follicles on a natural cycle. Really I'd just be ok with one but a two-fer would be ok too, really anything at this point. And if all else fails, at least we learned a few things.

1. That I for sure ovulate on my own and I ovulate hardcore!
2. HCG is impossible to find in southern New Mexico.
3. Don't make someone who will eventually have to stick you with a needle angry.

Side note: Some of you guys mentioned a 36 hour delay between HCG trigger shot and IUI, but I asked about it and was told that their clinic's policy is to do it at 24 hours and recommend intercourse the evening after the IUI and the next day. I think if I pushed, they would do it at 36 hours. Maybe next time, but hopefully we won't need a next time.

Second side note: I have EWCM for the first time since cryosurgery, obviously this means next to nothing this cycle but perhaps it will help in case our IUI timing is off.


  1. Holy hell, two big follies naturally is AWESOME!! It all sounds very promising to me! I'm wondering why they gave you two injections instead if it all in one.... Probably because she hates you?!? Good luck today, I can't wait to hear how it goes!!!!

  2. Whoa! That's a lot of follicles! Good luck girl, I have everything crossed for you!!

  3. Wow - those are GREAT follie numbers - for a non-medicated cycle especially. After thousands of dollars of meds and shots, I still only had 1 good follie at trigger (a 19mm). I have such high hopes for you this cycle!!!

    Also - congrats on the EWCM! That is HUGE. I firmly believe that was part of our problem (shitty/nonexistant EWCM post-cryo) and I think IUI helped bypass that whole problem.

    I am SOOO excited to see your post 2 weeks from now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Holy cripes. On my IVF cycle at like maximum meds I only got 4 follicles and NONE of them were bigger than 4mm. Your count is amazing!!!

    Here's hoping for those boys to do some good swimming!


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