Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I could not be more PISSED OFF!!!

I was told to call the clinic when my period started. That way we could schedule my IUI and the preceding ultrasound.

Said period showed up yesterday before lunch.

I called the clinic (just after AF came) and spoke to the receptionist who said she'd leave a message with Monica, who is Lulu's medical assistant who does the scheduling. When I didn't hear back from her by 3:30, I called again. I spoke to the same receptionist who told me that Monica calls patients back between patient's and at the end of the day. They close at 4:00. I waited to hear from her and didn't hear back at all yesterday. Sooooooo, I called back today and left a message (for the receptionist to let Monica know I need an appointment) on their voicemail at 11:30.

My question is, how often am I supposed to call? I'm tempted to call every hour on the hour.

Also, Lulu gave me her personal e-mail so that H could send her the info on the vitamins. She I send a message to her personal e-mail and how long should I wait to do so?

I need to figure this out because as we get closer to that day I am getting scheduled with my own patient's to see and will have to reschedule tons of them because I have to take like a half day off work to go to these appointments. My assistants are starting to get pissed off because I can't tell them whether or not they can schedule patients to see me.

Side Note: in many of the reviews of this clinic that I found online, I found this to be the main complaint, being able to schedule an appointment and getting anyone to return your calls.


  1. Me - I'd keep calling back every hour. It's a pain in the ass but you'll get your appointment!

  2. You have every right to be ticked! I would be calling non-stop and I think I would email the doctor as well! Good Luck!

  3. I would be PO'd, too! Sucky situation. Praying you figure it out!

  4. You have to be your own advocate. I would call like crazy tomorrow, and if still nothing, email. She better call back soon!

  5. I'd be calling back every couple of hours too - dont' you have to have the u/s done on CD2 or 3? What a shit show!

  6. Hahahaha.. I searched Google for "I could not be more pissed off right now" because of my issues with realtors and contractors dragging ass, and I found your post. It seems like whenever you deal with someone in a specialty (there isn't a national chain for it) they take that as a license to jerk you around, and it's infuriating. The worst part is, they've got you. You have no recourse but to go to someone else who is equally unresponsive. If I had enough hair left to do so, I would be pulling it out! I don't feel your pain, but I know your frustration. I'm sorry.


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