Monday, August 22, 2011

Everything is working against me

I'm supposed to have the ultrasound and HCG trigger shot today for tomorrow's IUI.

But...I'm lazy and forgetful. I didn't put in the prescription for my HCG prior to today and now I may not be able to get it in time to take to my appointment today.

I think I was secretly hoping I'd surge over the weekend and not need it, but I made it to today without an LH surge. So...ooops, turns out I need to take the HCG to my appointment this afternoon. 

The pharmacy that was "sure to have it" in Las Cruces has it on backorder until October. (Per H, as he was to drop it off this morning on his way to class). H called the local pharmacies with no luck.

I spent all morning calling around until it finally occurred to me that one pharmacy in a chain should have access to what the other ones may or may not have. The very nice pharmacist at a Wal.greenes in El Paso (an hour and a half away where I was willing to drive to) found a location in Las Cruces that had it as well as a location in...and you never would have guessed...Alamogordo! (This was after I had to look the brand name up on the internet to find choices...there are three.) I called the one store here in town (that H had called earlier and they told him they didn't have it) referred to it by a brand name and guess what???? They have 4 vials of kidding! 

Maybe I should have been a pharmacist. On that note, maybe I should do the IUI myself. Geesh!!!!! 

Something is telling me that this isn't going to happen. That this is some type of bad omen.  Why do we have to jump hurdle after hurdle? Why do I have to work so hard at this? I mean COME ON!!!!

If you pray, please pray for a good appointment today and tomorrow for me. If you do not pray, please just keep us in your thoughts.


  1. Seriously. Hurdle after hurdle... and it feels like a f'ing marathon of them not the typical short distance run... instead, 26.2 hellish miles! I'm glad you were able to find the trigger after a little work. By IUI #6 I was pretty sure with the addition of a third arm and a good mirror I would be able to just go ahead and inseminate myself. Hopefully the IUI itself will be a little less eventful than the days that led up to it :) Good Luck, friend!

  2. Something about hurdles making you stronger right ;)

    Wishing you the best today and tomorrow!!

  3. AGHHHHh - I read this post this morning and my damn phone wouldn't let me comment. I've been thinking about you and praying for you all day!! I hope you were able to get the trigger without too much more trouble. Good for you for sticking with it and tracking it down. Were you bringing it to your appt just so they could give it to you or something?

    Speaking of - which shot are you doing? Ovidrel? I wonder if there's a way to send you my shot and keep it cool? I have a $100 vial of ovidrel sitting in my fridge that I never ended up using that I'd just send you for free. I think it expires in the next couple of months though. Hm... I should have thought of this a week ago, sorry.

    Hopefully this is your last 2ww for a long time!!!!


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